06 Feb

03 Feb


To celebrate the release of the fourth free title update, we're giving away a Palamute Layered Armor set early!
Read on for full details of the campaign and how to enter.

Please read the campaign overview, terms and conditions and privacy policy below before entry.
Entry is free: you just need a CAPCOM ID![]

Campaign Overview
The "Velkhana Costume" Palamute Layered Armor allows your Palamute to dress up as Velkhana,
the Elder Dragon coming to Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak in its fourth free title u... Read more

01 Feb

Title Update 4 Trailer

Title Update 4 (Ver.14) Outline[]
Release Date: February 7, 2023
New monsters
New monsters, including a Risen elder dragon!

Velkhana Known as the "Ice Dragons that Freezes All" or the "Iceborne Wyvern," few records of Velkhana exist.
As such, they remain shrouded in mystery. Their icy breath is so cold th... Read more

09 Dec

Available  December 9, 2022
We have released patch Ver. to address the following issue:
Bug Fixes and Balance Adjustments
  • Fixed a bug where the player would be able to select a voice they do not own when changing their appearance using specific steps.
  • Changed the default cursor position to "No" for the message confirming the creation of new save data that may appear when launching the game.

  • Monster Hunter Rise does not allow for matchmaking between different versions of the game. If you update the game, you will no longer be able to matchmake with players who haven't applied the patch yet. You can check your current version on the bottom right of the title screen.
  • The Steam version does not support cross saves or crossplay with other platforms.
  • For any questions, please visit our support website:
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23 Nov

20 Nov

Title Update 3 Trailer

Title Update 3 (Ver.13) Outline[]
Available: November 24, 2022
New monsters
New Risen elder dragons and a powered-up monster make their appearance! Make sure you're suitably prepared!

Chaotic Gore Magala Gore Magala that have fallen into chaos, having been denied their evolution into Shagaru Magala... Read more

15 Nov

Tune in to the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Digital Event for a look at the new content and Monsters coming in Free Title Update 3.
November 16, 2022 (6:00 PST / 14:00 GMT)

Presented by the leader of the Knights of the Royal Order herself, Dame Fiorayne (Voiced By: Valerie Arem) .

14 Oct

Available  October 14, 2022
We have released patch Ver. to address the following issue:
Bug Fixes and Balance Adjustments
  • After looking into the issue caused by repeated input of gestures and pose sets, we have adjusted the game to accept a maximum of 4 inputs per second in order to maintain Lobby stability.
  • Fixed an issue causing an error to occur if you try to claim the "Lost Code" Hunter layered weapon pack (14 types) all at once.
  • Fixed an issue where the great swords "Chrome Heaven", "Antique Machina GS", and "Lordly Deathcap" would have an insufficient number of Anomaly Slots.
  • Fixed an issue causing Risen Chameleos to behave differently for players with an Anomaly Research Level below 100 and players with an Anomaly Research Level of 100 or higher.
  • Fixed an issue causing Violet Mizutsune to keep going around in circles if the player uses a Tr...
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29 Sep

The Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Demo has been temporarily taken down due to circumstances, but it is currently available for download again.

Date and time:
The demo is available again as of Title Update 2.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

28 Sep

Title Update 2 Trailer
Title Update 2 (Ver.12) Outline[]
New monsters
A rare species and subspecies make their appearance, among others! Make sure you're suitably prepared!

Anomaly Research Quests
New monsters, including ... Read more
This soundtrack contains the theme of Malzeno, the flagship monster of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, the theme of returning monster Gore Magala, and many other exciting songs from Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak!
Make sure to check out these new hunting songs!


15 Sep

Title Update 2 Trailer

Title Update 2 (Ver.12) Outline
Release Date: September 29, 2022
New monsters
A rare species and subspecies make their appearance, among others!
Make sure you're suitably prepared!

Violet Mizutsune
Violet Mizutsune are leviathans known for their beautiful lilac-colored fur.
They use the fluid they secrete to slide around, targeting their prey with gas-filled bubbles. Though they appear graceful creatures, the facade quickly fades as they envelop thems... Read more
Hey everyone,

Today, the TGS2022 Capcom Online Program will be starting,
which means we'll be serving up new Sunbreak Title Update 2 info!

TGS2022 Capcom Online Program
Stay tuned for news on Capcom's latest titles!

Start time:
September 15 (Thurs) 23:00 JST (15:00 BST/16:00 CEST/07:00 PDT)
*The programm is scheduled to last approximately 50 minutes.
*Dates and times are subject to change without notice.

LINEUP Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak
Resident Evil Village
Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection
Street Fighter 6

The event starts at the times listed above, so don't be late!

If you can't make the event, fear not! We'll be streaming it to the Monster Hunter Rise Steam Store page for a short period aft... Read more
We have confirmed that some players are modifying game data for Anomaly Investigations.

Creating or using game data that cannot be achieved through normal gameplay can cause issues while playing the game, and even make the game itself unplayable, so if you see any quests that you think might be modified, please delete them immediately and do not try them out.

We kindly ask for your cooperation in playing the game as intended and keeping it fun for everyone.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak development team

26 Aug

Notification: We have released patch Ver. to address the following issue:

■Bug Fixes and Balance Adjustments
- Fixed an error that occasionally occurred if you register an equipment loadout containing a weapon with a Rampage Decoration, rollback the upgrade for that weapon, and then try to select that particular equipment loadout again.

- Fixed an issue occasionally affecting the results of augmenting armor when performing specific steps while augmenting a weapon.

- When changing the target in the search settings for Anomaly Investigations, the minimum level value will no longer be updated if the target is within the range of adjustable conditions.

- Fixed an issue causing players to obtain Anomaly Investigations as "unauthorized quests" if they join another player's Anomaly Investigation for a monster they haven't unlocked yet.

- Fixed an error that occasionally occurred w... Read more

25 Aug


Free Title Update 2, releasing at the end of September, adds Flaming Espinas!
Flaming Espinas
Apart from Flaming Espinas, Free Title Update 2 also adds several rare species and powered-up monsters!

Keep on the lookout for more info!

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak has now sold over four million copies!
Thank you so much for your continued support, Hunters.

To celebrate this milestone, we're planning to release a fourth free item pack for all players on Wednesday, August 24th!

Elgado Pack 4
  • Max Potion ×25
  • Mega Barrel Bomb ×10
  • Great Whetfish ×5
  • Heavy armor Sphere ×5
  • Golden Egg ×3

The latest version of Monster Hunter Rise is required to access this content.
Check in with the Courier to access Elgado Pack 4.

10 Aug


The Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Demo has been made temporarily unavailable.

 The demo has been made unavailable at the release of Title Update 1.
If you've already downloaded the demo, you'll be able to keep playing it.

It is currently unknown when the demo will be made available again.
We will provide more detailed information as soon as we know more.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.

09 Aug


New monsters
Rare species and variant monsters make their appearance. Make sure you're suitably prepared!

New locales
Added the "Forlorn Arena," a dangerous locale with rare monsters.

New system: Anomaly Investigations
Slay afflicted monsters in quests with randomly determined conditions!

Event Quests ... Read more

04 Aug

Tune in to the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Digital Event for new info on free Title Update 1,
including a look at Lucent Nargacuga, Seething Bazelgeuse, and more...

Presented by Monster Hunter Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto and Game Director Yosh*take Suzuki.

August 9, 2022 (7:00 PDT / 15:00 BST)

■Free Title Update Schedule and Details

We are planning multiple, free post-release title updates for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Title Update 1 will introduce a new locale known as the "Forlorn Arena," as well as rare species such as Lucent Nargacuga and Seething Bazelgeuse, among others.... Read more