23 Sep


written by MrFreake

Hello Stellaris Community!

This week’s Dev Diary comes to you with a little bit less of the future development and more of what we’ve been doing with the Custodian team’s work. That means that we’ll be sharing a little bit of information on the upcoming fixes for the 3.1.2 patch. Next week we should be back to the regular schedule of dev diaries that we know you’re looking forward to; however, this week we want to continue the conversation from last week and provide details on the patch.

First off, we want to thank all of you for submitting your bug reports! Bug reports are extremely useful to us, and we want to thank our Community for dedicating their time to reporting issues in Lem. I just want to share a little context with you all for a moment:

On launch day we peaked at ~18k concur... Read more

16 Sep

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written by grekulf

Hello everyone!

The first update by the Custodian team is now out, and we hope that you’re enjoying yourselves trying out some of the new changes. We’re very excited to see that so many of you seem very happy with the Custodian Initiati... Read more

14 Sep

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That's correct, there was no empire sprawl/admin cap update for Lem. This will be either next patch, or the patch after that. It's also important to remember that we'll be patching more frequently now, because of the Custodian Team. The target is every 3 months, although most of these free updates will be smaller than Lem.
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The Stellaris Team is proud to announce the free 3.1 “Lem” Update is Now Available!

This is the first release from our new Custodians Development Team at Paradox Development Studio. This team will operate in parallel to the “Expansion Team”, which will focus on creating new content for Stellaris. Read more about the Custodians Initiative here[].

This patch is named to honor the 100th Anniversary of the birth of renowned Sci-Fi author Stanisław Lem, bringing with it a host of balance changes, bug fixes, AI improvements, as well as adding content to several previously released paid DLCs.

Release Trailer: ... Read more

09 Sep


The Stellaris team is proud to announce the free Lem Update, honoring the 100th year anniversary of Sci-Fi author Stanisław Lem, will be released on September 14th!

The Custodians Initiative The update marks the first free update of Stellaris from our Custodian Development Team. This new group of developers was created with the mandate of updating and maintaining the amazing content that has been added to Stellaris over the years, as well as crushing bugs, adding content to existing DLC, as well as improvements to Quality of Life, Performance, UI and AI. The Custodians Team operates in parallel with the “Expansion Team”, which will continue to develop new content for Stellaris.... Read more

02 Sep


by Caligula

Welcome to another Stellaris Modding Dev Diary! Today, I’ll be talking you through some of the new scripting language features in the upcoming 3.1 patch.

We have already mentioned that Traditions are considerably more moddable []now with the new system, with far less heavy lifting needed in the gui and loc files. I can also confirm that you can, for instance, now script in tradition trees that only become available if you make certain decisions during the game. But today, the main focus will lie on variables.

I mention... Read more

26 Aug

Hey folks,

I’m Alfray Stryke, a member of the QA team for Stellaris. As part of the Custodians’ work on the 3.1 “Lem” patch, as mentioned in Dev Diary #215, the team has done a balance and Quality of Life pass on various features throughout the game and we’d like to highlight some of the more harder hitting changes. This is not a complete list of all changes, and may contain some not-final numbers. As a reminder, the changes to the Necroids Species Pack were covered in Dev Diary #216, and all of these changes will also be included in the Lem update.

Void Dwellers
We’ve been aware that the implementation of Void Dwellers of having two separate traits, one positive and one negative resulted in behaviour that we weren’t happy with - in particular being able to gene-mod the negative aspects of the trait out of existence. To solve this we’ve made some changes to how the traits work:

There is now only a single Void Dweller trait, so it can’t be exploited via... Read more

19 Aug

Hello everyone!

I’m here to announce a surprise update to the game. But before we get our expectations blown out of proportion, this update contains only a change to our Multiplayer Backend. We are rolling out the Nakama infrastructure to host cross-store PC multiplayer.

With this update we are completely removing our internally developed Multiplayer backend (PDXMP) that is currently used by all stores excluding Steam, which uses the built in Steam backend. The reason for this change is because we believe that Nakama, developed by an external partner, is more stable than our current in-house solution.

What this will mean for you as a player is hopefully nothing different from how you normally play the game. This update should not affect your single player experience whatsoever and if you have the game installed on Steam and don’t have friends on other platforms you won’t be affected by the Multiplayer change either.

The only people this will affect a... Read more
Hello everyone!

It is Thursday and that means it is time for your weekly dev diary. Today, we will talk a bit more in-depth about the upcoming additions to the Humanoids species pack.

First, let us take a look at the civics that will be added:

Masterful Crafters

The Masterful Crafters Civic, previously teased in Dev Diary 214, will replace your artisans with a new job type called Artificiers. They will fulfil the same basic production needs as Artisans, Consumer Goods that is, while also producing some extra Trade Value and Engineering Research. As you might expect, since they focus on consumer goods, this civic will not be available for gestalt empires.

To f... Read more

12 Aug

Greetings and salutations space fans!

Today we’re back with another dev diary, and the topic at hand is the feature improvements coming to the Traditions system. Back in dev diary 214[] when we announced the Lem Update and the Custodians Initiative, we also talked about how to make Selectable Traditions.

Selecting your Traditions

We know there’s been mods that have extended the amounts of traditions for some time now, and we also know that it's something that parts of the community have been asking for as well. For us, Traditions have always been an important part of customizing and specializing your Empire during play, and although we of course like giving players... Read more

05 Aug

Hello everyone!

I hope you have had a great summer thus far, and let’s hope we can enjoy the rest of August as well. The team is starting to return from their vacations and we’re eager to start finishing off the Lem Update so that we can ready it for release in September.

As mentioned in dev diary 214[], we’re going to Buff the Backlog by adding some gameplay to existing DLC. Today we’re here to talk about an addition coming in the Lem Update, and more specifically what additions we are making to the Plantoids Species Pack.

W... Read more

29 Jul


Nemesis: Cold War was a multiplayer event held to celebrate the launch of the Stellaris: Nemesis Expansion on PC.

Watch episodes Wednesdays and Sundays on the Paradox Grand Strategy Channel on YouTube.

Watch it here:

Hosts: Fredrik Knudsen, SimasTV Game Master: DJTruthsayer

Players: A_Spec, Templin Institute as the Divine Imperium. Door Monster, Stefan Annon as the Xuman Overmind. MaxTheCatfish, Wintergaming as the Imperial Chocolat Covenant. BurkeBlack, Venalis, CrReaM, CletusBueford, GassyMexican, Classypax as the Antharian Republic of Beautification. SpiffingBrit, Bedgarsan, Bokoen, Alex the Rambler, Rimmy Downunder as The Refuge. D1... Read more

26 Jul

The galaxy is vast and full of creative new aliens! Join the Stellaris Artists and see how our worlds are populated with a growing array of fascinating creatures, from PDXCON 2021.

15 Jul

Meet the Sapient Combat Computers that we converted into Programmers for the Paradox Empire. Our developers will share their insight on how the technology behind Stellaris is created. (From PDXCON)

Watch it here:

08 Jul

Ever wonder about what goes into Game Design, or the inspiration for the Storytelling aspects of Stellaris?

Game Director Daniel Moregård, Game Designer Stephen Muray, and Content Designer Gemma Thomson have all the answers (from PDXCON).

Watch it here:

17 Jun

Hi everyone!

As grekulf has mentioned, one of our key aims in the upcoming Lem update is to improve the value of our existing DLCs by adding new content to them. As part of this effort, several of our species packs have seen some love. This week, I will start us off by talking about some of the upcoming changes to the Necroids species pack.

While we were overall very happy with the content that went into Necroids (indeed, it has set a high bar for our other species packs to match!), a few of us - both within the team and in the community as a whole - regretted a few of the missed opportunities. The Lem update has provided us with the opportunity to rectify this.

Necrophage Hive Minds

There have been quite a few calls for allowing Hive Minds to be Necrophages, and with Lem, this will now be possible!

... Read more

10 Jun

Hello everyone!

First I want to thank you for the overwhelming support that you’ve shown us with announcing the Custodians initiative. It’s been really fun and motivating to see so many positive responses, and for that we’re truly thankful. At the same time, I must admit that it is also a bit scary in the sense that we shouldn’t have the expectation that this will suddenly resolve any issues you might have with the game, or that we’ll be able to deliver large amounts of significant changes with every update. Let’s appreciate this opportunity and make the best of it :)

Species Pack Gameplay Themes
Last week we already talked about what the Lem Update (honoring the author Stanislaw Lem) would focus on, but I’d also like to go into more detail regarding some things.

We mentioned that we would be adding gameplay to the Humanoids Species Pack and the Plantoids Species Pack, and although I won’t talk about the exact details yet, I do want to talk a littl... Read more

03 Jun


Today I am here to announce some very good news! Stellaris is not slowing down, but rather picking up the pace! We at PDS Green are very happy to announce our new “Custodians” initiative as well as the next free update, coming sometime after summer.

The Custodian Team

Stellaris as a game has been very exploratory, and the game has seen a lot of big changes over the years. I want to start by giving some insight into why we’ve chosen to focus on this initiative.

As we’ve released more expansions we’ve had to take longer and longer between each release, as we’ve needed to spend more time on focusing on quality, making sure each release is as stable as possible. Paradox Development Studio also looks very different today vs. how it looked just a few years ago. Things take longer, there are more processes in place, and there are a lot more people involved. Because each release is now further apart, it makes it harder for us to address som... Read more

27 May

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Try running in windowed or borderless fullscreen, this fixes most of these issues. If that doesn't work go to and open a ticket.

hope this helps!