15 Dec

Lands Awakened Update - Hotfix 5


  • Fixed an issue where players could remove the dismount-triggered "Cannot Attack" debuff by starting a remount and then canceling
  • Additionally, fixed an issue where the hostile dismount buff was triggered even though no players were nearby
  • Fixed an issue where 20v20 Crystal League matches did not reward Territory Energy Points

13 Dec


The 2021 Deutscher Entwicklerpreis awards took place on December 9 in Cologne, and we're delighted to say that Albion Online took home the award for Best Mobile Game!

The Deutscher Entwicklerpreis (German Game Developer Prize) is the most prestigious industry award in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), presented to professionals by fellow professionals. Unlike similar awards in other regions, the prize is organized, supported, and juried almost entirely by develo... Read more
Lands Awakened Update - Hotfix 6


  • Fixed an issue where the Conqueror's Challenge weekly reward would not reset for characters online during maintenance shutdown on the day it should reset. We will take further steps to resolve the issue for those already affected by this issue during tomorrow’s downtime.
  • Fixed an issue where Power Cores disappeared when the carrying character disconnected while changing zones

09 Dec

The Lands Awakened update launched November 24, ushering in a new era of open-world gameplay in Albion Online. Along with sweeping changes to biome graphics and layouts, dungeons, mobs, open-world objectives and Guild Seasons, the update brought some major quality-of-life improvements to a wide variety of ingame activities. In our latest Dev Talk, UI Designer Moritz Bokelmann discusses some of the biggest improvements to UI and usability that arrived with this latest update.

(NOTE: This video includes subtitles for all our supported languages.)

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01 Dec

Lands Awakened Update - Hotfix 4


  • Resolved an issue that caused some Hellgate NPCs to yield much more fame than intended. These NPCs now correctly give 20% more Fame than they did previous to the Lands Awakened update. The same issue affected Aspects and Group Resource Mobs in the Roads of Avalon as well as Territory Guards to a lesser degree. Those have been fixed as well.
  • Resolved an issue that caused Energy Manipulator Battlevaults in Hideouts to lose their contents when upgrading from Level 2 to Level 3. Further information about replacement of items lost due to this bug will be posted in the coming days.
  • Fixed an issue where Achievements related to Expeditions and Crystal League would unlock even though the correct conditions were not fulfilled.

30 Nov

Lands Awakened Update - Hotfix 3
Desktop versions of the game (PC, Mac, Linux) have received new clients
Mobile versions (iOS, Android) have received a 'softpatch', i.e. there will be a small download when you launch the app

Guild Might Level Fix

This hotfix corrects an issue where Guild Might Levels were progressing much faster than intended. This means that your guild will keep the Total Might earned by category thus far, but since the Might Level progression is now different, your Guild’s Might Level will be reduced to the new intended level.

Any Season Points earned due to the faster level progression before this fix will be removed again in the coming days, so no guild will keep any advantage from this bug. For more information, see this post: ... Read more

29 Nov

Lands Awakened Update - Hotfix 2
  • Fixed an issue where new buildings did not have full durability - all buildings affected by this bug should now have been corrected
  • Fixed an issue where Faction Crests could not be purchased from the Faction NPC
  • Fixed an issue where certain Achievements related to the Destiny Board did not unlock (they will still unlock retroactively now)
  • Resolved an issue that sometimes prevented Static Dungeon boss chests from spawning alongside the boss that protected them. This significantly increases the overall rewards in Static Dungeons.
  • Changed despawn timers of Static Dungeon boss chests from 12 hours to 5 minutes after being opened

25 Nov


On November 24, 2021, the Lands Awakened update goes live. This update improves and expands nearly every aspect of Albion's open world: reworked open-world dungeons with limited-time events and exits in multiple zones, as well as open-world mobs that increase in power and value over time, offer substantial rewards to those who venture into unexplored zones. All five biomes have been overhauled with massively improved visuals and updated terrains and layouts, bringing new depth and vibrancy to exploration, travel, and gathering, and an expanded soundtrack with new city, Hideout, Tutorial, and Destiny Board themes, as well as numerous new combat cues, adds excitement and emotion to the world.

For more details about what this massive update will bring, see the Official Update Page... Read more

24 Nov

Lands Awakened, Albion's next content update, goes live on November 24. With this update, all open-world zones will have their terrain, layouts, and visuals updated.

Deployment of the update will begin with maintenance at 10:00 UTC on Wednesday. After the update is live, your player character will be moved to the entrance of the zone they were in when the update was deployed, and all furniture (including crates) left in the open world will be destroyed. If you have furniture placed in the open world you will also have received an ingame mail. Please be sure to collect any furniture placed in the open world that you wish to save before then.

Additionally, Hideouts will remain in approximately the same part of the zone, but may be moved slightly and may also have different surroundings. You will be allowed one manual move per Hideout, within the same zone, within the first 72 hours after the update launches.

For more information on this Hide... Read more

23 Nov

The Lands Awakened update on November 24 brings exciting developments to combat in Albion Online. In this Dev Talk, Combat Designer Michael Schwahn and Game Director Robin Henkys introduce two major new features: the War Gloves weapon line and Elite Levels.

Note: this video includes subtitles for all our supported languages.

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12 Nov


The Energy Surge Season began just over six weeks ago, as a short standalone season with drastically escalated point multipliers. When the dust settled, newcomers The Lonely Men emerged as the season winners, with Hadoop and Be Careful coming in second and third.

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09 Nov


Hello all,

With the Lands Awakened update on November 24, Usage Fees for player-owned buildings will become more transparent and straightforward, and overall crafting will have a clearer and better-balanced progression based on its raw ingredients.

NOTE: The term "crafting" in this description refers to both crafting and refining, as the values, costs, Focus returns, etc. for both processes are calculated based on the same raw resources.

Usage Fee Changes
  • Usage Fees are now derived directly from the Nutrition an Item consumes when it is crafted/studied at a building
  • Usage Fees are now set as an amount of Silver per 100 Nutrition consumed
    • Formerly...
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Hello all,

With the Lands Awakened update on November 24, Albion's biomes will receive a massive visual upgrade, and layouts of all open-world zones in the game will be updated.

Hideouts will be automatically adjusted to fit into the updated zone maps, and will likely not move very far in their overall position within the zone. However, as other features such as dungeon entrances, choke points, and general layout may change with the update, we are allowing a one-time Hideout move after the update goes live, with the following conditions:
  • This single Hideout move must be completed within three days of the update launch, i.e. ending approximately 72 hours after the maintenance period in which the update was launched
  • Hideouts can only be moved within their current zone
  • Each eligible Hideout can only be moved once, and once placed cannot be reverted to its original position o...
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08 Nov


Guild Season 14 Schedule

Changes launched with the Lands Awakened update and beginning with Season 14 are summarized at the end of this article. For the full details of these changes, as well as the reasoning behind them, please see this forum post: Changes for Guild Season 14

Important Dates
  • 27.11.2021 (Saturday): Season starts, Invasion Day #1, all Territories Reset
  • 28.11.2021 (Sunday): Scoring starts (by time zone)
  • 29.11.2021 (Monday): Territory Battles Start
  • 18.12.2021 (Saturday): Invasio...
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06 Nov

The Lands Awakened update arrives November 24, bringing massive open-world changes, a new weapon line, an updated soundtrack, and more. In today's Dev Talk, Game Director Robin Henkys discusses the huge changes coming to Guild Seasons with this update.

Note: This video includes subtitles for all our supported languages.

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29 Oct

In our last Dev Talk, Game Director Robin Henkys introduced the visual and level design improvements coming with the Lands Awakened update in November. In this newest video, he introduces open-world gameplay changes including mobs that level up over time, updated Static Dungeons, and fully reworked treasure sites. (Note: this video includes subtitles for all our supported languages.)

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28 Oct

With the Lands Awakened update coming in November, players can look forward to a revamped soundtrack as they explore Albion. Senior Audio Designer Marie Havemann gives a glimpse behind the scenes of its production in our latest Dev Talk, introducing new music for combat, cities, Hideouts and more.

Note: this video includes subtitles for all our supported languages.

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19 Oct

The next major content update for Albion Online, Lands Awakened, will bring major changes, improvements, and new features to open-world gameplay in Albion. In this video, Game Director Robin Henkys introduces the upcoming visual and structural redesigns planned for Albion's five biomes and discusses how they will affect the overall gameplay experience.

Note that this video includes subtitles for all our supported languages.

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12 Oct

Hello all,

As there has been some uncertainty about whether the energy dropped by Siphoning Mages during Guild Seasons is subject to seasonal multipliers, we wanted to provide clearer communication about how this feature will work going forward, in both the short and longer term.

In past seasons, energy generated by Siphoning Mages was included in the "points doubled" multiplier that went into effect on the final Invasion Day, but energy dropped by Siphoning Mages when they were killed was not.

For the current Energy Surge season, starting with the last Invasion Day on October 9 points and energy generated have been subject to a 2x multiplier, but energy dropped has not. Based on the rules announced for this season, this is considered a bug, and will be fixed with maintenance on October 13. The upcoming triple and quadruple multipliers on October 23 and October 30 will apply not only to Season Points, but also to all Siphoned Energy generated and droppe... Read more

02 Oct

Call to Arms Patch 10 - Version 18.100.1 - September 21, 2021

New Artifacts Added

New artifacts have begun appearing as mob and chest drops in the open world. While they cannot yet be used for crafting, they are certain to prove useful in the future… (Learn more about these artifacts and other upcoming changes in the latest Dev Talk).

Hideout Changes

Entering Hideouts now requires a channel for players who have not set the Hideout as "Home". This change is intended to reduce the safety provided by having multiple allied H... Read more