The Rocket Arena team

The Rocket Arena team

13 Dec

To our Rocket Arena community,

It’s with a heavy heart from all of us at FSG and EA to inform you that Rocket Arena will be sunset and the servers shut down on March 21, 2024 12:00 PM PDT.


Thank You! 

We can’t thank you all enough for playing Rocket Arena and supporting us during this journey. We’re thrilled that people from all around the world got to enjoy Rocket Arena for three and a half years since it launched in July of 2020. Since then, there’s been a ton of Knockouts, Megablasts, Rocketball goals, Mega Rockets captured, and coins collected. We’ve been consistently blown away by the kindness, care, and camaraderie that’s been shown from the Rocket Arena community. 

We’ve gotten to know many of you on a personal level over these years and we even have a community member that works at Final Strike now! (Shoutout to @SlackingVeteran!) Rocket Arena wouldn’t have been as special as it is without this community’s great input over th...

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01 Sep


  • September 1, 2021 7:00 AM PDT / 14:00 UTC
  • Server update: Restart your game client or complete a match after this time to see the update.


  • Increased the XP per second of gameplay time to speed up character leveling
  • Several event modes added as ongoing options in Private Matches
  • Rocket Part prices added as an option when purchasing Mythic and Legendary outfits


22 Jun

Rocket-Fueled Heroes

Explore a growing roster of fantastic heroes, each with distinctive personalities, backstories, and rivalries. Master your hero’s powerful abilities and signature rockets and get the most out of your squad.

16 Jun

Welcome to Crater

Crater is home to many exotic locales. Each map is filled with hidden tricks, traps, and lore to explore!


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02 Jun


June 2nd 2021

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02 Mar


The 3.1 update contains several Competitor and Artifact ba...

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19 Jan


January 20th 2021

The ...

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18 Jan


January 20th 2021

There is a lot to celebrate in SEASON 3. For starter...

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08 Dec

Serrata Peaks rarely interacts with the rest of Crater. But when it’s time for the Frost Festival, the kingdom welc...

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24 Nov


November 25th 2020

The 2.3.0 patch brings with it controller optimization tuning, competitor and combat updates, AI improvements, and lots of new quality of life features such as Region/Server Select and new performance based XP rewards in the Post Game sequence!

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12 Nov

Mythic Events are major moments in the world of Crater. Everyone gets to learn more about a Rocket Championship Competitor’s backstory, participate in a fun playlist that is all about the hero, get a unique Totem Skyline Pattern, and get cool daily login rewards for the event!

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21 Oct

The 2.1.0 patch brings with it some new limited time modes and items, a player profile with stats, and some quality of life updates as well.

Battle across the Ruined City, ...

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ALL CRATER’S EVE is a celebration loved by Craterians of all ages: gifts are given, tricks are played and ghost sto...

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06 Oct

Welcome to Season 2! This Season brings with it some major updates. There’s Competitor and combat updates, a new map, several event game modes, and more!

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Mysteries abound as a new round of Rocket Arena play begins, and Crater fills with eerie apparitions and mythical monsters. Is any of it real, or just figments of our overactive imaginations?

Figment or no, let’s say hello to the newest Championship Tour player, Leef! You can’t miss him -- he’s the one with a mask, furry tail, and tree branch-like antlers. Leef is rumored to be from Crater’s fabled Realm of the Ancients. 

Exciting holiday events are on the horizon! The Gemstone Jungle will be celebrating its spooky holiday, All Crater’s Eve. What secrets lie in the Ruined City in the heart of the jungle?

Icefall Keep, Kayi’s home turf, will hold its own celebration, The Frost Festival. Keep an eye out for the festivities coming in Season 2 of Rocket Arena and join the fun!

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08 Sep

Answer the Call of the Wilds...
and search for a magnificent, missing Megadon at Crater’s last stop The Wilds. Take off to Boone's home region from September 9 - September 22.

Search the dusty desolation and rocky cliffs of Megadon Junction, the rustic excavation site, Stompy’s Refuge, and the treacherous tar pits of the newly added Kayo Kanyon.

The Rocket Rail Line, famous for circumnavigating Crater’s rim, is behind schedule, as usual. Only this time, when the train arrives at Kayo Kanyon, its massive, amazing cargo is missing! That’s right, the giant skeleton of BOOMER THE MEGADON -- a relative of STOMPY -- has vanished during the train’s journey! Wait, a skeleton that walks? It sure looks like it! So, with only Megadon-sized clawprints to go by, Boone & Company are heading off on the hunt for BOOMER!

Journey to new event playlists, and play new game modes: Megamuzzle and Splat; then test your solo skills in Duel.

There are special Ro...

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05 Sep

Hi Everyone

We hope you are doing great!  Thank you for all of your feedback these last few weeks on Rocket Arena. We’ve been working on several changes to roll out this weekend in the interest of improving the experience for all players.


Our main goals are to:

  1. Rework Ranked Play and improve Ranked Play Matchmaking Times
  2. Improve the Arena experience for all players by having more balanced matches

So effective 9PM PDT on September 4th, 2020 these are the changes we will be making:

Ranked Play Removal and Redesign

We have gathered all the feedback from players about difficulties matchmaking in Ranked as well as issues with rank progression. Our team has been working non-stop to improve the experience within the current design.

The current design of Ranked play restricts matching to narrow skill ranges, which is not working in all regions at all times.

At this point, we feel t...

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04 Sep

Mythic Events are major moments in the world of Crater. Everyone gets to learn more about a Rocket Championship Competitor’s backstory, participate in a fun playlist that’s all about the hero, get a unique Totem Skyline Pattern, and get cool daily login rewards for the event!

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26 Aug

Hello Tour Heroes! We’re Matt W (ryvox), Kyle K (Pravda), and Jake C (Bag of Equines) from the Final Strike Games Design team, and we’re here to tell you all about the Artifact system in Rocket Arena.

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25 Aug

Update 1.2 brings with it some Competitor and combat updates and more!

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