The Valorant Team

The Valorant Team

12 Jan

Just because you’ve seen some of it, doesn’t mean you know all of it.

The start of Episode 2 adds Yoru to the roster as well as small but important tweaks to two of our Controllers, Brimstone and Omen (Viper is on the way).

Competitive is aiming for the quality of life award with substantial updates that we’ve summarized here, but laid out in detail in a dedicated article separately. This includes regional leaderboards, more granular rank progress info, ranked rewards, and a ton more.

Read about that and more below.

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With the start of Episode 2, we’re removing the ambiguity in how close you are to ranking up, making it easier to compare how you stack up against the best of the best, a better rewarding of your time invested in ranked, and making a number of other quality of life changes based on your feedback.

A quick summary:

  • Regional leaderboards displaying stack rank for Immortal and Radiant players
  • Shift to solo/duo premade cap for Immortal and Radiant players
  • Rank rewards and end of Episode changes
  • Progression arrows, replaced with progress bar and numerical progress for more rank granularity
  • Many other quality of life improvements



Everyone wants to know who’s king of the mountain. Each region will be able...

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11 Jan

VALORANT endures into 2021 with the start of Episode 2: Formation. 

In Act I, Yoru comes at you from outta nowhere, the core Competitive system is overhauled, a new Battlepass drops, regional leaderboards go live, and more. Read below in this guide to all things VALORANT Episode 2 Act I.


Second guess what you see or he’ll drop you, lowkey. 

Yoru lets you blindside enemies with the ability to tear into reality, crash the enemy position with a teleport tether, and fakeout clueless foes. The deception and aggre...

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24 Dec


The ranking system feels harsh right now, it seems hard to climb out of lower ranks and easy to derank. What are you doing to address this?


We hear you on this, too often one bad day of play can result in significant rank loss and a good day doesn’t help you climb as much as you’d like. Our rank distribution bands are unforgiving and we have limited protection against rank demotion. We’ve been feeling this ourselves, and we’ve made some changes to address this with Patch 1.14, and more substantive changes will follow at the start of the year with the launch of...

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18 Dec

17 Dec

Greetings from the Audio discipline!

We work on the pods that bring you Agents, Weapons, Maps, Modes, and more. Whether it's voice over, sound design, or music, we've got it covered.

VALORANT's writers and VO directors traveled the world to give voice to our global Agents. It was the Audio discipline's job to polish those recordings and trigger them at the right times. We needed the Agents to express themselves without compromising competitive integrity. We wanted to amplify your big moments and fuel your curiosity about the world of VALORANT.

We can't wait to share what we have in store for 2021!

We turned to Lick and composer Jesse Harlin to bring VALORANT's fresh style with attitude to our in-game music. Episode 2 brings some new vibes to the VALORANT universe, and the music will be evolving, too.

We knew audio would play a key role in your gameplay experience, as you listened for any clue you could hear before you could see your enemy—and they ...

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Hello VALORANT Esports community!

Thank you for your support of esports during the past year! At every step of the way your enthusiasm fueled us to take whatever plans we had, and find ways to dial them up to eleven. 

  Seeing millions of you drive viewership records during the beta inspired us to create more opportunities to watch high level competitive play. As global fandom grew during the Ignition Series, it gave us the confidence to go big with our future plans for First Strike and the Champions Tour. We listened closely on social about what you wanted to see from our spectator client, leading to a whole suite of new features: sightlines, Agent select screens, round rollback features, colored visual cues, a new esports HUD, and many more improvements. 

Your ideas helped sharpen our thinking on which formats worked best for VALORANT, resulting in competitions that continued to set viewership records around the world.

First Strike barely scratched the...

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Hi VALORANT community, 

So Creative Team here!

Wait, who dat?

Well essentially, we are a broad collective of people that spans audio, narrative and art, that specifically works with ALL the various teams that create the beautiful VALORANT content we’ve released to you in 2020.

It’s our goal to make sure that all the various pieces of the game feel part of a distinct, cohesive creative universe.  One way we do this, is to drive a lot of the details that you see in our world. For example:

  • Inspire the design of Agents, menus, maps and music.
  • Inform cinematics, in game VFX and Audio, props and environments.
  • Feed curiosity, passion and theorycrafting amongst YOU, our community, around the world lore, its conflict, backstories and narrative journey ahead.

In 2020 we worked on areas as diverse as:

  • Character backstories - Who are these Agents and what is VALORANT Protocol?  Wha...
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16 Dec

Howdy friends, with 2020 almost behind us we wanted to take a moment to talk about our current, high level thoughts around Agents, and a bit about how we are thinking of the future.

When the game launched we were focused on getting all the extreme outliers into a reasonable place. Right now things are fairly stable, but there are still some Agents/Classes that need some deeper thought put into them.


In particular, we have some plans to address the total power of Controllers (Omen, Viper, Brimstone) and to better differentiate the roles of Duelists and Initiators. At a high level, we want to encourage people to play with their teammates as much as possible and we believe that giving our Initiator and Controller roles a bit more team-focused power will help achieve that end. We are aiming to have our first set of changes to Controllers launching with Episode 2 and additional changes to Initiators and Duelists thr...

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Howdy VALORANT friends,

When a team releases anything they never truly know how players will embrace it; we all have hopes, but things never go as planned. Part of the joy in making Agents for VALORANT is that their identities will shift as y'all play them. The team can debate all day long what will happen when an Agent goes live, but within an hour, y'all play more games than we do in years of development. 

With all of that said, we cannot be more overjoyed with how you have helped to shape the VALORANT Agents so far. Your thoughts, your art, your videos—they’ve refined what the roster is in 2020, and will continue to affect what it will be in the future.

Going into Open Beta was a massive moment for the Character team. Our internal musings about the Agents didn't matter anymore, only how you played them. And you did more than that:

  • Y'all streamed relentlessly (Some of us tried watching nine at the same time, trust me your brain can not handle it ;_...
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15 Dec

Hey VALORANT community,

Thank you so much for your continued support and dedication to VALORANT! It’s been a rowdy year for the Modes team. You’ve been playing and experiencing Spike Rush, Free For All Deathmatch, and today, you’ll be shooting snowballs out of a Killjoy-enhanced molly launcher for Snowball Fight. 

We’re really proud of the modes we’ve been able to get out to you. Spike Rush and FFA DM continue to see very healthy engagement, and we’ve been able to update them over time to keep them fresh, as well as hit the major improvements you’ve asked for. We’re not done yet— Keep giving us feedback!

The modes team came into existence in the spring of this year. A very small ragtag group came together, from all different parts of the game, to see what could be done by launch and beyond. By game development definitions, we had an incredibly short timeline to bring up some core technology we needed, design and develop Spike Rush, and release it to you. In fact...

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14 Dec

Greetings VALORANT players and fans,

We’re reaching out from the Competitive Play Area—which consists of three teams: Competitive, Social & Player Dynamics, and Core Services—with a sincere thank you for being an amazing community and to give a look ahead into some of our plans for 2021.

From chat, voice, friends list, your into-game flow, ranked, and managing a live service; our area aims to create a space where you can feel welcome in-game, whether you compete or just play. We can’t thank you enough for your continued support and feedback, which has been immensely helpful in us improving our game and service.


Let’s talk about our ranked system! While we’ve built other features this year, we know that a lot of you are most passionate about being VALORANT in VALORAN...

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13 Dec

Hi VALORANT Community,

First of all, we want to say thank you for going on VALORANT’s first year, from the beta releases to where we are today.

The Maps team has been on the long road of development the last few years. It’s a project that the team has had strong passion and excitement in during production, and we are glad to be able to finally talk about it and share with you in 2020. We started with the release of Bind and Haven during our closed beta period, which was soon followed by the release of a work in progress version of Split during open beta. Your feedback during this phase gave us valuable information and allowed us to make adjustments leading up to launch.

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12 Dec

Greetings from the Foundations Area!

Like our name suggests, we’re the teams that make up the technical foundation of VALORANT covering things like gameplay performance, tools, engine development, core gameplay systems, and our data pipelines. Our teams in the area are: Game Systems, Content Support, Gameplay Integrity, and Data Operations.

One of the main goals for our area since it’s start has been to have you as players focus more on playing rather than if the game is working. We’ve come a long way since the early days of closed beta but we’ll admit, there have been a couple of bumps here and there (Looking at you patch 1.11 hitch on death!) Our work isn’t done but we want to thank you for joining us on this journey and are looking forward to sharing with you the system improvements we have in store for VALORANT in 2021!

—Steven Eldredge (Riot Roopkool), Kevin O’Brien (Riot Koalifer), James Beaumont-Field (BF Butterknife) and all of the Foundations Area...

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Although poring over data is a big part of the Insights team’s job (either from talking to you, through surveys and playtests, or analyzing how you're interacting with the game through in-game data), much of what we do doesn't involve data at all!

A huge chunk of our time is spent working with teams across VALORANT to help them define their goals and figure out what success looks like. We invest that time so that we can have a crystal clear understanding of whether we're doing the right things for you.

The long and short of it is this: Thank you for the opportunities to learn about VALORANT.

One of our favorite examples goes all the way back to Feb. 2019, when we ran our first playtests with players outside of Riot. We’d been developing the game for quite a while, but couldn’t get a read on what was and wasn’t working for you -- the players who we’re making this game for. We spent months working with producers and designer...

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Hi I’m Brian Chang, an analyst on VALORANT’s Insights team, here with Insights Researcher Coleman “Altombre” Palm. We’re here to talk to you about our approach to using data to help keep our game balanced and enjoyable for you.

In this article, we’ll first cover our general philosophy behind how we use data to help inform changes to our game. We’ll then walk you through an example that shows how past data was used to inform changes to an Agent.


On the balance team, our primary goal is to make sure that the game is a fair experience for every player. You can read David “MILKCOW” Cole’s insightful post on game balance in VALORANT here.

One of the major roles that data plays during the game balance process is to help inform designer...

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11 Dec

'Twas the night before launch, when all through the studio
Not a PC was stirring, not even aglow;
The internet was hyped by the beta, you see,
In hopes that VALORANT soon would be free;
The artists were nestled all snug in their homes;
While visions of merry players danced in their domes...


What a year it has been. One for the know, the ones we have in our meeting backgrounds.

No joke, the first half of the year was tough. So much work went into getting VALORANT ready for its big debut, and while there was definitely excitement and optimism, it was tempered with a healthy dose of anxiety. Late style changes, complex performance issues, and many other challenges faced the team, not to mention the transition to working from home. But we rallied behind the potential for the game, and came together for the final push to release.

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Artists, musicians, and performers will converge in a sprawling exhibition space next month for a festival inspired by the taste of VALORANT.

Crown Channel—the Twitch channel merging gaming, pop-culture, and community—is making it all happen with wwFest: VALORANT, streaming live on January 15, 2021.

The show merges physical and digital worlds with distinctive musicians, artists, and dancers, who vibe on all things VALORANT. This includes ARMNHMR, Moore Kismet, Ookay, and Whipped Cream, with more on the way.

The festival’s live performances and active art installations will be captured by drones, filmed from the perspective of our Agents: Raze, Reyna, Phoenix, Killjoy, and Jett. Whether you main or flex, the drones let you lineup your own show, where each Agent’s feed is tailored to reflect their personal attitude, culture, and styl...

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10 Dec

Hello from the VALORANT Expressions team, which consists of the Progression and Store teams, collected from our various home offices.

From the Battlepass, Missions, UI, and well, the Store, you’ve joined us on the VALORANT launch in some way or another and we are here to say thanks for the ride so far, as well as preview some of the 2021 goods.


For real, patch after patch your feedback has helped us deliver better systems little by little. Lots of small UI improvements go a long way to getting the word out on skin releases, patch notes, new Agents, as well as announcements for Acts and promotions.

Shout out to the most visible members of the community for helping us ship incognito mode. The Observer tool is a different beast since launch, thanks in part to the talented observers and viewers who wanted the best view of the competition (we <3 electronic sports). And the new Battlepass Epilogue is for those of you who mak...

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09 Dec

Here’s to growing more as a team in 2021, making even cooler stuff, and maybe even exploring new types of cosmetics! See you on the other side of 2020!

Cheers and love all around,

—Sean Marino, Preeti Khanolkar, and the rest of the Premium Content team