05 Oct


Below you will find the download sizes for each platform.

Ubisoft Connect: 1.21 GB
Steam: 1.5 GB
Xbox One: 963.28 MB
Xbox Series X: 1.19 GB
PS4: 2.34 GB
PS5: 1.89 GB

GAME HEALTH MAP ROTATIONS Ranked: Increased the chances for Stadium Bravo to appear on the map ban selection screen.

Unranked: Chances for Stadium Bravo appearing on the map ban selection screen increased massively to almost guarantee its appearance.

BUG FIXES GAMEPLAY FIXED - Bullet holes exploit can be replicated on some wooden textures.
FIXED - Players sometimes cannot ping gadgets or Operators while using an Observation Tool.
FIXED - Operator's unique ability cannot be picked up if deployed in their own Barbed Wire.
FIXED - Attackers have limited functionality while stepping on a Welcome Mat immediately af... Read more

21 Sep


BATTLEYE AND DATA BANS With every update we bring our latest BattlEye and Data Ban numbers.

Here are our latest BattEye and Data Ban numbers, including data until the end of August.

CHEATFIXES Throughout Vector Glare we’ve continued to address cheats that are affecting players. Here are some that have been worked on since our last Anti-Cheat Status Update:

  • Various Instant kill cheats
  • Various Infinite ammo cheats
  • Teleport hack
  • Self revive cheat
  • No clipping cheat
  • Frenzy cheat
  • Various other cheats

The Anti-Cheat team continues to ... Read more

20 Sep

Below you will find the download sizes for each platform.

Ubisoft Connect: 1.33 GB
Steam: 1.6 GB
Xbox One: 1.01 GB
Xbox Series X: 1.29 GB
PS4: 1.66 GB
PS5: 1.07 GB

BUG FIXES GAMEPLAY FIXED – The crosshairs don’t blink while cooking a Frag Grenade.

LEVEL DESIGN FIXED – Multiple LOD issues on various maps.

OPERATORS FIXED – Players can see Lesion’s Gu Mine icons through walls when entering any Observation Tool.
FIXED – Vigil’s ERC-7 does not prevent him from getting pinged by Grim’s Kawan Hive.
FIXED – Various Victory Celebration issues.

USER EXPERIENCE FIXED – Incorrect weapons and sights when launching the Shooting Range from the Operator menu.
FIXED – Destroying Gridlock's Trax Stingers as an Attacker will count towards the "Gadget Removal" personal and community challeng... Read more

08 Sep


The Community Artist Bundle Program has brought us some amazing operators cosmetics with the help of talented artists and Prime gaming, and it’s not over yet. We are back at it again with Siege Tales and his bundle for the operator Ela for Y7S3!

With this program, we want to celebrate our amazingly creative and dedicated community artists and give them the chance to have their art styles represented in-game. Each chosen artist will have the opportunity to design a full set for an operator of their choice and the resulting bundles will become available during Year 7 and beyond.

Have a look at the previous bundles:
{LINK REMOVED}... Read more

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