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Wombat Medic

02 Nov

Hey everyone,

Public Testing for Patch 14.5 is now live for 24 hours over on the Hell Let Loose (Public Testing) Steam App!

Patch 14.5 will be released later this month, and we want to get your feedback on updates to the British forces, plus the brand new El Alamein dusk map.

Work In Progress
These PTE sessions are a way for you as a community to feedback on Hell Let Loose work in progress, which means we can look to implement your feedback before a patch or update is released. Although we can currently only hold public testing sessions on PC, we encourage everyone to take part to be able to share feedback.

Streaming & Recording PTE Sessions
You are welcome to both stream and record PTE footage, but as these sessions are showing unfinished work, it’s always good to let your individual communities know that the footage is from a PTE session, where you might encounter unfinished items, bugs, and other issues.

For today’s session, ... Read more

23 Oct

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Patch 14.5 which releases in November (date TBC) will bring part one of the British forces rework!
Hey everyone,

We’ll begin rolling out Patch 14.4 again from 3pm BST this afternoon!

Thank you all so much for your understanding and patience while we worked to determine the reason why only some servers were working when we first released the patch on Thursday last week.

What went wrong?
There were three unexpected issues that we ran into - two that were only affecting GTX hosted community servers, and another where seemingly at random, some users would hang on a loading screen when joining a map.

Working with the game server providers, we determined that two of these issues were the result of the same root cause - a misconfiguration of servers, where there was a missing certificate on the server.

We also found that GTX hosted servers had a single missing command line parameter compared to all other GSPs. These issues have now all been rectified and confirmed to fix the issues across all GSPs.

How are we making sure this ca... Read more

20 Oct

Hey everyone,

We hope you’ve all been enjoying Patch 14.4 Patch 14.3.

We wanted to make sure we could provide PC players an update on this, and can confirm that, today, we’ve been in talks with the various game server providers for Hell Let Loose and have been trialling a potential solution. However, to avoid as much disruption as possible, Patch 14.4 will not be re-released until we’re confident this solution has been effectively tested.

While this issue was unexpected, we’re already working on making sure this won’t happen again by collaborating with the GSPs to ensure certain tests and changes are carried out in a different environment before we then release a patch or update to you.

Nvidia Filters
Since posting the Patch 14.4 changelog yesterday, our contacts at Nvidia have since disabled the use of filters when playing Hell Let Loose, and while there are other factors to also take into consideration to i... Read more

19 Oct

Hey everyone,

We’ve, unfortunately, been experiencing some issues with getting PC player servers back online after releasing Patch 14.4, and have been working with our partners to investigate why some servers are working, and others aren’t.

We believe the best thing to do here is rollback the patch, so you are able to get back into Hell Let Loose while we continue to investigate this.

Rolling back a patch has its risks, and this does, however, mean that anyone who has bought the new Luftwaffe DLC on PC will no longer be able to access it until we have completed our investigations and a new patch can be released.

This change will not affect Console players. We’re deeply sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you, and will endeavour to keep you as updated as possible while we continue to look into this.
Hey everyone,

Patch 14.4 will be going live today, and will begin rolling out across console and PC from 2pm BST!

Please read on to find the changelog for today’s patch.

Hell Let Loose At TwitchCon Vegas
October 20th - 22nd
We’ll be over at TwitchCon Vegas this weekend, where you’ll be able to head on over and play Hell Let Loose as part of a 100-player LAN, plus, we’ll be on the front page of Twitch from 5pm PDT - we hope to see you on the frontlines!

Public Testing Feedback
We want to continue to make sure that it is your feedback that helps to guide development, and in order for that to remain the case, we’re going to be looking at re-evaluating when we hold PTE sessions so that we can better populate games for you to fully try out the latest fixes and new content.

This means that future public testing sessions will no longer be held on the weekend, and instead be condensed into a shorter time frame to encourage more 100... Read more

10 Oct

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We're just working out some issues with the listing, however, here are the details!

Ultimate Edition:

Enlist in the ever-expanding Hell Let Loose experience, bringing you World War II on an epic scale. With battles of 50v50 players and a dynamically shifting front line, this first-person shooter demands teamwork, communication, and strategy, not only to win but to survive!

Be ready for combat on a series of iconic battlefields, where you and your teammates will fight against other skilled soldiers, playing one of our fourteen unique and important roles.

With the Ultimate edition, you are prepared for battle with 6 of our sought after DLC packs – Skull Bucket, False Front, Hot Drop, Lethal Tide, Silver or Iron Vanguard and Cavalry Coat.

Join the chaos of war with different historical weapons, vehicles and equipment that are intricately detailed, bringing the realism to the brutal and bloody warfare. We’ll see you on the frontlin... Read more

06 Oct

Hey everyone,

Thank you for bearing with us while we take in the news shared earlier this week.

We wanted to confirm that the planned PTE session for Hell Let Loose will still be going ahead today at 3pm BST, and will end on Monday the 9th, so you’ll have the weekend to provide feedback on some of the new night maps before they arrive in future patches, starting with Carentan and Sainte-Mère-Église, which will arrive in Patch 14.4, as well as vaulting and mantling improvements, the addition of an improved dive to prone, as well as help us identify any potential broader impact from the loadout bug fix.

However, we will now be moving back the planned release of Patch 14.4 to the 19th of October, a week later than originally planned.

This should not affect the planned release of part one of the British forces, which will arrive in Patch 14.5 in November.

Public Test Changelog
Night Map Variants
  • [Added] Night map...
Read more

29 Sep

Hey everyone,

We were hoping to get you all up on the PTE today testing the new night maps, as well as the vaulting and mantling improvements, plus the addition of the improved dive to prone, however, we’ve experienced an issue when going through some final checks.

A new bug has occurred on the Public Testing branch that now means a player’s level is being registered as Level 1. Because of the way the PTE branch is set up, we believe this issue is now occurring as a result of the code required to fix the loadout bug.

We know many of you are eager to jump on and be the first to play the new night maps, as well as the Dusk variants for El Alamein and Omaha, however, if we were to open the PTE with this bug, players would not be able to test out:

Commander Role
  • As this requires players to be Level 30
  • Without a Commander, this would affect Armour as additional vehicles wouldn’t be able to be spawned
  • ...
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27 Sep

Hey everyone,

With Patch 14.3 now behind us, we know you’ll be keen to learn more about what will be coming to Hell Let Loose as we head into October!

Your feedback has been invaluable to us over these last few months, and we’ve been able to focus our efforts into tackling some of the game’s most prevalent issues.

As of today, we can confirm a fix for the loadout bug has been submitted, and will be available for you to stress-test in a PTE session this Friday, on the 29th of September.

We know there’s still a long way to go to optimise and improve Hell Let Loose, and while we’re continuing to focus on bug-fixing and making good on the British forces, we also don’t want to leave you waiting too long for new content.

To find out what you can expect to see from Hell Let Loose for the rest of this year, please read on!

Patch 14.4 - October
New Night Maps
Our environment tech-art team have been working on bringing night vari... Read more

18 Sep

Hey everyone,

The hotfix for Patch 14.3 will have now begun rolling out.

Hotfix Changelog
Console players will also be receiving a hotfix later this week, as some of these fixes will need to go through a separate process.

Fixes are underway for the below items:

VOIP Disconnect Fix
  • [Fixed] Vivox Error 1019 when connecting to channels
We believe we may have fixed an ongoing VOIP issue where players can find themselves getting disconnected randomly and then being unable to reconnect.

Steam Achievements
  • [PC] [Fixed] All Practice Range achievements are not unlocking
Ultrawide Monitors
  • [Fixed] Character previews scale incorrectly
  • [Fixed] Fix for tank driver seat FOV
  • [Fixed] Fix for Sherman doubled-up scope
  • [Fixed] Tank scope offset on certain resolutions
  • [Fixed] Tank cross hairs inco...
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15 Sep

Hey everyone,

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us while getting hands on with Patch 14.3!

Loadout Bug
Since releasing Patch 14.3 yesterday, we have been reviewing the logging that was activated with this patch, and believe we have now finally identified the cause of the loadout bug.

It would seem that every so often, we lose the cached stats data for a player, and aren’t able to validate their loadout, which means they are instead reset to default.

We’ll try not to get too excited about the fact we may very well have identified the cause - and are now preparing a fix - and will keep you updated on our progress!

VOIP Disconnect Fix
  • Fix for Vivox Error 1019 when connecting to channels
We also believe we may have a fix for the ongoing VOIP issue - the one that has been plaguing many players in Hell Let Loose, where you can often find yourself getting randomly disconnected and then being un... Read more

14 Sep

Hey everyone,

You can expect Patch 14.3 to drop today, at 2pm BST!

After PTE feedback confirmed less stuttering, we are hopeful this patch will improve performance, while we continue working on bringing optimisation updates with each new release. With this patch, you’ll be able to get hands on with the Practice Range, as well as the initial improvements to the stability of the British force’s firearms. We’re getting closer to an official timeline for the re-work of the British forces, which will include new, more accurate weapons, tanks, and uniforms - so make sure to keep an eye on future dev briefs!

There were some players confused by the time it took the last relatively small patch for Patch 14.2 to install on their PCs. Like all game updates on Steam, updates are downloaded and then patched, which depending on your hardware, may take some time while Steam readjusts the file structure.

Check out the changelog below, and we’ll see you on the 27th... Read more

06 Sep

Hey everyone,

We hope you enjoyed the last Developer Briefing! We wanted to round up some of the main topics from the AMA and our Dev Interview in one place, so if you haven’t caught up on Dev Brief #194 yet, we highly recommend taking a read here, plus, you’ll be able to check out progress on the British rework!

As promised, in this week’s dev brief we’ll be sharing more on the updates to the game’s favourite faces - which players who joined us for the Patch 14.3 PTE session will have been able to check out for themse... Read more

23 Aug

Hey everyone,

If you haven’t had chance to read the AMA last month or tune into the recent Dev Interview, we’ll be summarising both in this week’s dev brief, as well as sharing a sneak peek at progress with the British forces rework.

But first, we want to thank everyone who took part in the PTE this weekend and joined us for a few games! Your feedback is much appreciated, and we’ll now be looking at what we can consider for Patch 14.3, as well as for future development.

Patch 14.3 PTE Feedback
Over half of those who took part felt that there was an improvement with stuttering, experiencing less micro-stuttering on most maps. We are aware of some reports about FPS drops in the live game since the last patch, and we will continue to look into this.

Ultrawide Monitor Compatibility
Three-quarters of those using an ultrawide monitor felt that there was a marked improvement, and the experience was what most players would ... Read more

17 Aug

Hey everyone,

The Patch 14.3 PTE Session is now live!

Join us today for your opportunity to try out improvements to the British weapons and explore using the Practice Range, from now until Monday.

Finding a Server
For this session, you may need to refresh the server list on the Enlist screen in order for a server to show, or alternatively, toggle through the Favourites, Friends, and History tabs.

Additional Content Hub
As our additional content hub will be offline for this PTE, we thought we'd share a look at what you can expect when Patch 14.3 goes live!

Additional Content Screen

Available for Purchase Screen

Your Feedback for Patch 14.3
As a reminder, this P... Read more

15 Aug

Hey everyone,

We’ll be running another PTE session from this Thursday until Monday, where you’ll have opportunity to feedback on some of the bug fixes and new content coming in Patch 14.3!

For this open testing session, we’re looking for your feedback across a range of different items, including the new Basic Training and Practice Range environments, as well as your experience with the British weapons.

While we’re still working on improving the British forces for a future update, improvements have been made to some of the British firearms, including better zeroing the weapon sights and reducing sway when ADSing.

Patch 14.3 PTE Changelog
Patch 14.3 is packing a number of optimization fixes for certain maps, as well as a list of bugs that have been tackled. We are still working on some items, and will share the final changelog when Patch 14.3 drops.

New Environments
  • Basic Training
  • Practice Range...
Read more

14 Aug

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Hey there!

I'm sorry to hear you're running into an issue with EAC.

You can get in touch with them directly by using this link: https://www.easy.ac/en-us/support/?next=contact and request technical support.

To see what system requirements are needed to run Hell Let Loose, please visit the store page: https://store.steampowere... Read more

10 Aug

Hey everyone,

As part of our investigations into server performance, we have identified another potential cause for some of the recent server crashes being experienced and have now been able to verify a further fix.

While this fix may not resolve all instances of server crashes - as there are many different factors that could be causing crashes for different servers which we are continuing to investigate - we believe it is the likely cause for some of the recent crashes due to the way in which the server handles new RCON connections.

Previously, the Hell Let Loose server would create some data directly in response to receiving an RCON connection request. Since changing servers to run multi-threaded, as part of a previous improvement to rubber-banding in vehicles, that request could come in on any thread.

This meant that it could happen while Unreal Engine is doing what is known as a garbage collection. It is not valid to create objects while garbage... Read more

09 Aug

Hey everyone,

Thanks for joining us for the dev interview that premiered on Saturday!

RazBora and The Fresh Baked Goods did a fantastic job of capturing some more of your questions so we could go into depth around topics like the British rework, meta considerations, and future content.

If you haven’t checked out the video yet, you can tune in here.

In this week’s developer briefing, we’re going to take a closer look at the upcoming Practice Range!

The Practice Range
It has been designed for players who want to improve their aiming skills, better understand the building of defences, or even learn the different seats within a tank.

Originally posted by author: We wanted to give the player, rookie, or seasoned veteran, ...
Read more