Wombat Medic

Wombat Medic

25 May

Hey everyone,

We’re pleased to announce that Update 14 is now live! Take to the battlefield with two brand new maps, deploy in as the British Forces with new weapons and vehicles, and try out the new non-verbal communication tools and updates to locomotion.

For a breakdown of the new features, plus quality of life improvements and bug fixing, please see the changelog below.

Update 14 Changelog
New Faction
  • Great Britain
New Great Britain Uniforms
  • Rubberized Macintosh Raincoat
  • P-37 Battledress
New Cosmetics

Free DLC - Jericho Cap

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19 May

Hey everyone,

Today’s brief is another big one, diving further into some of the additional improvements coming with Update 14. We’ll be sharing a final changelog with everyone on the 25th of May, where you’ll be able to find a complete list of changes and bug fixes!

The Hell Let Loose Experience
Offering unique gameplay through player-driven experiences, Hell Let Loose is often defined as a hardcore WWII first-person shooter, with a steeper learning curve and a strong emphasis on communication. Platoons are only successful when knowledge is shared and comms are open, and with Update 14, we have begun to facilitate better onboarding for both new and existing players alike.

Non-Verbal Communication Tools
In our roadmap reveal, we announced that non-verbal communication tools would be implemented to help support players who may not have access to a microphone or are able to use one.

Radial Menu

While this new tool is not de... Read more

05 May

Hey everyone,

Thank you for the response to our last dev brief - we’ve been exceptionally grateful and excited to be on the journey together! This week we’re pleased to announce Update 14 & The British forces are targeted for deployment on May 25th.

This will be another major update, bringing with it two brand new maps, the start of the British forces, along with new weapons & vehicles, new free & paid DLC items, our first iteration of video tutorials, and non-verbal communication tools - as well as general bug fixing.

Today, we’ll be taking a look at how the British forces are shaping up, along with the weapons and vehicles you can expect to see at the end of the month.

New Maps
Last time we revealed a North African campaign, El Alamein, would be available for players to jump into and experience a whole new biome, with open landscapes and plenty of verticality. In this dev brief, we’ll be taking a closer look at Driel, our second map ba... Read more

21 Apr

Hey everyone,

We wanted to start this week’s dev brief by saying a big thank you to those who’ve jumped into Update 13.5 and fed back on their experience so far. We’ve been busy going through your feedback on the different platforms and appreciate you sharing your reactions, both positive and negative.

Update 13.5 was the first of many planned health updates over the course of the year, aimed to improve quality of life and player experience. Hell Let Loose is a fantastic game on a massive scale, and as such, it’ll take time to fix all of the known issues and unfortunately create a few new ones along the way. However, we’re committed to eliminating all of the bugs and not introducing new ones as much as possible. As our team continues to get familiar with the project, we’ll fine-tune processes and procedures that will help us get patches and fixes out on a more regular basis.

During the reveal of the 2023 roadmap, we talked about transparency, and how we aim ... Read more

05 Apr

Hey everyone,

Update 13.5 is now live, bringing with it a whole host of game improvements aimed to increase stability. For the console patch notes, please click here.
Check out the full changelog below:

Update 13.5 Changelog

  • Added a brand-new cinematic character selection frontend menu
  • Added a new animated l...
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03 Apr

Hey everyone,

Thank you for joining us for the reveal of the 2023 roadmap! If you haven’t checked out the full video yet, you can watch the reveal below.

2023 Roadmap

A Message From The Studio
We’re so pleased to announce our ambitious 2023 roadmap for Hell Let Loose! We can’t wait for fans to jump in and play U13.5 on April 5th, as well as all the exciting updates we have planned this year. It’s been an awesome start to the year as we’ve built this new studio, defined the 2023 roadmap, and announced our plans to support the title for years to come.

With each update this year, we’ll focus on improving quality of life along with updating and polishing the amazing... Read more

27 Mar

    Wombat Medic on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Please note that the use of any third-party modification tools or overlays that gives some players an unfair advantage in Hell Let Loose, is not condoned.

Players who use these tools do so at their own risk and may be subject to Easy Anti-Cheat action.

23 Mar

Hey everyone,

We are pleased to announce that the next update to Hell Let Loose will be released on the 5th of April! This week, we’re diving into the further optimizations coming in U13.5, as well as sharing a first look at the new German Heer DLC.

The team is also excited to share that the complete 2023 roadmap for Hell Let Loose will be arriving ahead of Update 13.5. To join us for the reveal, make sure to stay tuned and follow Hell Let Loose on YouTube!

Continuous Improvements
U13.5 is the first of many health updates to land this year, with a focus on increased stability across all platforms. The new team... Read more

09 Mar

Hey everyone,

In our last developer briefing, we were excited to announce that Hell Let Loose is now fully supported with a new dedicated studio, allowing us to prioritize quality of life improvements ahead of launching new content.

Today we want to go into more detail surrounding the first health update, which will be released across all platforms early next month.

New Game Analytics
With a key focus on supporting the player experience, we’ve begun implementing in-game analytics. This provides crucial data to the development team, allowing them to better identify and understand player pain points in real-time, directly improving gameplay.

This addition will also help the team understand issues that are hard to reproduce, making bug fixing faster and more efficient, with an effort to get fixes to players quicker.

This first implementation of game analytics will provide insights into server health. Additional processes ... Read more

23 Feb

The start of 2023 brings change, excitement, and anticipation to the world of Hell Let Loose.

We’re closing out winter by bidding a fond farewell to the team over at Black Matter, as they prepare to move on to their next project.

We thank them for their dedication to bringing this incredible game to life and wish them all the very best in their new endeavor.

A Message From Max and the Black Matter Team:
Originally posted by author: “The last twelve months have been bittersweet for us as a team. We've been thrilled to see how our colleagues at Team17 have picked up the reins with such incredible enthusiasm and attention to detail, but we're also going to miss working on the title.

As a team, we want to say a huge thank you for the incredible support this community has given us for the years that we’ve worked on Hell Let Loose. It’s been a fantastic journey and one that we can’t quit...
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04 Jan

    Wombat Medic on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Hey everyone,

I'm sorry to hear the SA servers are continuing to suffer poor performance.
The issues the SA servers seem to be experiencing have already been raised to the team, with a hardware reset having already been carried out that has successfully prevented a lag hiccup during low server count, however, the team are currently still investigating performance.

Any further information you can provide would be extremely helpful.

This information could include:
Timestamps for crashes
Server player count upon performance issues arising

Thank you in advance!

21 Dec

We wanted to take the time to thank you all in this week’s dev brief, and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

The team are always grateful to see the Hell Let Loose community share their passion for the game, whether that’s through playing, creating artwork, or providing valuable feedback and suggestions that help to shape future updates.

With Update 13 ‘Burning Snow’ now live, and a hotfix to suit, we hope everyone has been able to enjoy jumping into Kharkov and trying out the fast and fiery new items.

The team will once again be taking a small break this festive season, and will be returning in the New Year to tackle the remaining known issues with Update 13, and prepare to take on the next 12 months with some very exciting plans that we’ll be able to tell you more about soon.

We hope that everyone will be able to also rest up and enjoy time with friends and family, both inside and outside of Hell Let Loose.

Happy Holidays... Read more

15 Dec

Hey everyone,

A hotfix for Update 13 'Burning Snow' is now live! We are very grateful to the community for continuing to submit feedback and share their experience with Update 13.

For a comprehensive list of changes for this hotfix, please read the changelog below.

Hotfix Changelog

Increased Flamethrower damage so that players will now be killed faster when in the direct line of fire. This aims to address feedback from the community surrounding players getting hit with a Flamethrower and having too much time to fire back and kill the wielder.

We have also increased ground fire for both Flamethrowers and Molotovs from 40 to 80 to address feedback around fire not resulting in kills as quickly as expected.

Bug Fixes
[Fixed] Players can unlock the achievement "Rollin' In The Jeep" via incorrect methods
[Fixed] M40 Winter Coat looking the same as M43 Winter Coat
[Fixed] Steady aiming wi... Read more

07 Dec

    Wombat Medic on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Originally posted by MoistGamer: Just unlocked? 0.1% of people have it... I was a rifleman on the new map for the full hour. While I did excellent, and I appreciate the freebie... I def didnt ride in a jeep once.

We're aware there's an issue causing players to unlock certain achievements, and are looking into a fix!

06 Dec

    Wombat Medic on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Originally posted by GNold:
Originally posted by Wombat Medic: We recommend verifying your game files once you've downloaded the update! This can help prevent any corrupt files.

Clearing Download Cache in Steam Settings did the trick.
Thank you for your prompt response.
Glad you managed to sort it! :)
    Wombat Medic on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Originally posted by GNold: Just appeared after a 40 minute update.
Any ideas?
We recommend verifying your game files once you've downloaded the update! This can help prevent any corrupt files.
Hey everyone,

The day is upon us, Update 13 ‘Burning Snow’, is out now across all platforms!

Burning Snow brings fast and fiery warfare to the game with Flamethrowers and Molotovs, as well as jeeps for all factions; landing alongside a brand new winter map, Kharkov, new Winter Uniforms, and an exciting new DLC pack.

Check out the official teaser for Update 13, Burning Snow and the changelog below:

Update 13 Changelog

  • Added Soviet T-70 Light Tank
  • Added Jeeps to all factions:

    Faction Vehicles GER Kubelwagen US Willys Jeep SOV GAZ-67
  • Added Fla...
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29 Nov

Hey Everyone,

It's time for another update from the trenches! After the rollout of the first two U13 PTEs, with players having their first hands-on experience with most of the U13 content, we have a LOT to highlight here today, including; the U13 release date, a new full time Community Manager, animation optimisation, Steam free weekend, and the new premium DLC bundle that will be rolling out alongside U13.

Update 13 ‘Burning Snow’ Release date Tuesday December 6th!
Time is almost upon us, as many have noticed over the last few months we have been highlighting and in some cases sneak peeking into the upcoming Burning Snow update for Hell Let Loose.

This week, we are excited to confirm that the update will be going live on Tuesday the 6th of December, across all platforms!

Bu... Read more

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