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not disagreeing, just wanted to let you know that the word is "precedent".

hahaa yes it is. Thanks.


Nope. Garbage response.

You have a franchise that has hundreds of thousands of members, a yearly tradition that has always been at the same time, and a media hype that always bumps around this time and the best you can come up with is "it's hard because we fired everyone"... "Give it some time..." "It's your fault for wanting it so immediately"

f*ck. That.

This is the precedent YOU have set! This is the style of ravenous consumption you've made us into.

It's on YOU to sustain that or set better expectations.

You CANNOT change something and then blame us for not liking it. Who do you think you are?

EDIT Because I spell for sh*t and was in a hurry. :)

24 Feb


318 to 326. Maybe it'll bump me in my 35-39 masters division, but I expected a lot better second time around.


It's not even a good Photoshop dude

20 Feb

18 Feb


I don't have much time to post the context but the fights... Zero understanding...

It's all too much.

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15 Feb


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A threesome with kelly and kels would be amazing

You had to make this weird...

10 Jan

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I want to feel bad, and I do, but I never want to see him in a Bears jersey ever again

No. Don't.

As a kicker, this is literally your only job.

04 Jan


PR'd my Fran Time (2:32) during Frantasy Land last night.



The timed workouts are great, but if you want to really get better at it you need to sustain.

I've been dubbed the "ASSBIKE GUY" at my gym and that's because I can crank out the cals... but that came with conditioning for longer periods.

What I mean is pick a given time and pick a target wattage or rpm to stay above. Like... 10min above 300 watts. This truly helped me a lot.

31 Dec


Bet that gets awkward when it goes to Parkey

19 Dec


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Let me guess. You have an L1?

Haha no. Just a suggestion. It looks strong.


Add more weight... you're muscle cleaning that!

04 Dec


This is the best metaphor for the last 20+ Chicago Bears' seasons...

03 Dec


Those are the scale models I want. Any idea where some of those live? I'm not much of a builder, but I would buy them...

27 Nov


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Sorry about the filter - it kills the picture quality but I'm working on installing Photoshop CC to get a clean looking artistic version. Here's the original by the way: https://abload.de/img/jurassicworldevolutio24eh5.png


26 Nov


Do you have it without the bad photoshop filter?

08 Nov

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