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Originally posted by chanman404

Is your name on RL the same as on here? I could’ve sworn I’ve played a dev or someone with a title that has your name but I could be wrong.

And if that was you, I apologize for telling you to go and develop some skills...

Dead to me

02 Jun


What a calculated!

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Originally posted by theSleeperGhost

Gridiron is quite possibly the most fun extras mode to ever hit RL. It for sure needs to stay and become a comp mode!!

Nice! All the good ideas were mine. The bad ideas were someone else's.


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As a fan of Star Wars, rocket league being one of my all time favorite games, the camaro being my favorite car, and the fact that I am into game development, makes you my new favorite dev lol.


I’m just a big nerd who likes American muscle cars.

I also do CrossFit


Originally posted by HuddyBuddyGreatness

Checked out your profile just to see, you have a camaro and play squadrons. My kinda developer

Love that game!

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Broken axels everywhere.

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Originally posted by ajdavis8

The first two are.



Originally posted by deweller


Top... men...

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Originally posted by sandmangreen4

Ok so, this patch, yeah, so cool.... BUT!

Everytime i finish a match, my monkey brain autoclaves A button, to start searching for the next 2v2 match. and PSYONIX HAD TO MAKE , THE WONDERFUL DECISION, THAT I MOST PROBABLY WANT TO CLIC, THE FIRST THING QFTER FINISHING A MATCH, THE CREATE GROUP BUTTON,!!!

So... okay... I may be over reacting. But it seriously happens to me EVERYTIME. I finish a match, and I clic on the create group, just for the message "you are already in a group with your teammate". Likes, why dude? Why? Why make it automatic that the predetermined position of the selector is in create group, if the option isn't even necessary. PD: Sorry, I just had to vent this frustration somewhere. I find it odly highly irritating...

Yep. We are aware of this. Totally an unintended bug.

Top men are on it...

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Thanks for everything u/DeeJ_BNG

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Thank you for sharing this.


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Originally posted by Henny-Bertus

You gotta press B 2 or 3 times, it wil bring you back to the scoreboard and chat.

That interaction was unintended and is being fixed.

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Originally posted by ytzi13

I have 2 concerns that maybe you can address:

  1. You can choose your source of progression, so that means that if I haven’t linked up yet, I could create a brand new account on PS4, link it to my PC account, and essentially reset all of my ranks? If that’s the case, I have to imagine that will be pretty appealing to a lot of players who feel stuck and want to “start over”, in a sense. I understand that accounts will be free after this update, but it also grants players the ability to reset established smurfs as well, meaning we’ll see a lot of low ranks with titles.

  2. No doubt, this is going to create a black market for people selling titles. For example, someone on PS4 ranked gold thinks it would be cool to have a title. They can essentially purchase a title account to link to and keep all of their own ranks and progression on their own account (or choose to switch their progress up to the GC level). Sure - it’s a 1 time purchase for someone on their ac...

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You’re not going to be able to unlink and relink, but there will be processes in place to help with any account setup issues.

Your “stuff” isn’t deleted if you choose an alternate platform as your primary account to use.

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My god... it's full of seeds...

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This is amazing and wonderful. Very sorry for your loss.

Thank you for sharing.

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