05 Jan


A new year, and a new FAQ to start it off fresh!

Is NARAKA coming to console this month?

Unfortunately, we are not yet prepared to make a debut on consoles. However, we’ve made huge progress on console versions, but still need more time on development. When we have a concrete date set we will be sure to announce it on all of our platforms!

Can gamemodes like the Shadow Surge or Eternal Blazes be added to the game permanently?
With the success of the Festive Fellow and Path of Snow events, this is something we are taking into heavy consideration.

Is there anything new coming this year?
Of course, A LOT. Several new heroes, new modes, new map, new weapons (something the players have been requesting for a long time ;) ).

What’s the schedule for Naraka: Bladepoint World Championship?
Here is everything you need to know going forward about ... Read more

28 Dec

Greetings Forerunners!

This week we have a short FAQ on some suggestions we gathered on character optimization for the future. Let's take a look at them:

1. Can you make something special for Valda Cui's eye patch design? For example, add some accessories just like Viper Ning’s.

A: Great idea, we will get right to it!

2. There aren't many hairstyles for Kurumi, and some of them are not particularly good-looking yet other female characters have many pretty hairstyles, can you give Kurumi some pretty hairstyles such as Pigtails?

A: We love Pigtails too and she will be getting them in the future!

3. Kurumi’s shoes are mostly wooden clogs, can she get shoes other than those?

A: We are working on a ton of new cosmetics for Kurumi and they are coming soon and we're super excited for you all to see them!

We also wanted to make a quick note for those of you who have experienced issues with purcha... Read more

22 Dec

Time to make us laugh! We have a meme contest happening right now on our reddit until this Thursday. Join in on the fun for a chance to win a $50 steam card! Check out the contest here: {LINK REMOVED}

17 Dec

Hello everyone!

The Free Weekend of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT will start on Dec 17th at 8 am PST and last until Dec 21st at 8 am PST, 4 days in total. We welcome all the heroes and your friends to join us in Morus Isle.

Progress and purchase of the full game:
Q: Will my progress from the free weekend carry over if I purchase the full game?
A: All progress will carry over to the full game if purchased.

Q: How to purchase the full game during the free trial?
A: You can buy the game directly through the popup dialogue, or turn to the official website, Steam and Epic to purchase the full game.
Please note that free-trial players need to restart the game after purchasing the game in order to switch from the trial to the full version.

Q: Is there any discount for free-trial players to purchase the game?
A: We will have a discount up to 30% off between Dec 17th at 8:00, 2021 to Jan 5th at 10:05 PST. Don’t miss out the chance to get the fu... Read more

08 Dec

1. Will there be any crossover announcements?

Yes! There will be not one, not three, but five major collabs! The crossovers will be a variety of titles, from games well-known in the west and some popular titles in the East. Some of these crossovers have been (bean?!) asked quite frequently from the devs, and we're happy to see that you have guessed some of the games we're collabing with correctly! Some collabs, however; the players haven't figured out just yet!

2. Where can I watch the show? Will it be available in languages other than English?

The show will be available in English, Korean, Vietnamese, and Chinese, and we will also upload subtitles on YouTube to make it easier for players of different languages to watch.
The livestream will be on the official YouTube and Twitch channels in each language, and we have also made an integrated livestream page for your convenience. The detailed address will be released later!
The time for the liv... Read more

30 Nov


1. Can the devs add an icon below the team status bar showing the ultimate cooldown so that players don’t have to ask teammates frequently? It would also help players' judge the battlefield situation.
A: There is already an icon below the team status bar showing if players' ultimates are ready or not. Adding the cooldown as well, we think, will be too much information on the UI.

2. Could it be possible to save all the settings in Custom Match so that we can load the same settings next time we create a new lobby?
A: This is a great idea at making custom lobbies much more convenient. Thank you for the idea and this has been passed on for consideration!

3. Dyeing hair gives players a lot of freedom in character customization. Will there be more options for hairstyle customization in the future?
A: We are currently in the works of developing a dye highlight function, which will be available soon.

4. Choosing the same hero in the Duo mode is too i... Read more

23 Nov

1. Can we have a pre-set for each hero’s weapon skins?

The function of customized content such as matching different weapon skins according to different outfits is already in the works, Our goal is to allow players to mix and match the appearance content more freely and conveniently.

2. Will you consider giving a skin to Tianhai's ult?

We love the big guy! We're currently ideating on the design and what kind of skins would look good on his ult, so let us know in the comments if you have any ideas, we'd love to hear!

3. Is it possible to add execution animations?

As seen in the trailers, we experimented with execution animations, but in multiplayer games, the long animation doesn’t perform well and inconveniences players. We'll try to incorporate the execution in a more appropriate way later on.

4. Will player’s health in duo mode be adjusted?

There will be slight adjustments, like the Tianhai ult.

5. It is strongly... Read more

16 Nov

1. When are DUOs coming to the game?

In the next update. Yes, you read that right: duos are coming. CONFIRMED.
Duo mode will be added to the quick match first. Afterward, the team will adjust and work on the gameplay based on data and feedback and make a decision whether to add duo mode to ranked.

We will be sharing more updates on DUOs in the coming weeks.

2. Are more ancient Chinese-inspired weapons going to be added to the game in the future?

Yes, definitely! There may be something coming shortly, but we cannot share any further details just yet!

3. Any news on the issues with the drops on Twitch?

Thanks to the dedication and help of our Discord Team, we are looking into this issue currently, but we cannot give an ETA. We will keep our players informed when we have any updates on this.

4. Can you share more details on the EU Cup?

The sign-up period for the Shadowjade Cup has been extended until Novemb... Read more

10 Nov

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Update Patch notes – November 11th, 2021

Dear players,

The servers of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT will be suspended for maintenance from11/10/2021 23:00 (UTC) to11/11/2021 03:00(UTC). We suggest that you log out in advance and enter the game again after the maintenance.

The details for this update are as follows:
New Season: Cavalry
I. Season Rewards
Season rewards will be awarded based on highest rank gained in The Herald's Trial (Solos or Trios) during the Tidal season.
Reward Rank
Avatar - Dark Depths Silver+
Avatar - Dark Depths,Dagger Skin - Mara's Edge Gold+
Avatar - Dark Depths, Dagger Skin - Mara's Edge,Background - Raging Sea Platinum+
Avatar - Dark Depths, Dagger Skin - Mara's Edge, Background - Raging Sea,Tidal Treasure*3, Solar+
Avatar - Dark Depths, Dagger Skin - Mara's Edge, Background - Raging Sea, Avatar - Depths Dragon, Tidal Treasure*5 Empyrean+
Avatar - Dark Depths, Dagger Skin - Mara's Ed... Read more
Dear players of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT,

We are very excited to announce that we have set a new sales record, 6 million copies.

 As a thank all the players who purchased, and have been following, supporting, and playing NARAKA: BLADEPOINT, we will be gifting the Limited-Edition Dagger skin [Equestrian Blade] and a Limited-Edition Avatar [Ancient Deity] to all players who purchased and have created an account before 11/10/2021 16:00 (UTC). The gifts will be sent to players when the new season begins.

Equestrian Blade, is the new Crossover skin by NARAKA and PingYao WenTaoFang Ancient Weapon Museum in China. Its prototype is the masterpiece of the museum, the agate horsehead short sword made in the middle of the Qing Dynasty. We have meticulously restored the warmth and transparency of the horse's head, as well as the sharpness of the blade. While paying tribute to the traditional culture, it also takes the lucky meaning of "wish you every success" an... Read more

09 Nov

1. What can we, the players in the new season expect as rewards?

A new longsword weapon skin inspired by one of the most famous swords in Chinese history will be available for players in stores for purchase in the next season! Aside from that, we have a preview of Yueshan’s new skin - Cavalry Elite! You will also see new outfits, hairstyles, and headwear for Yueshan, Tianhai, Valda Cui, and Kurumi.

2. Is the price of the new battle pass the same as before?
The Cavalry battle pass remains at the same price, and the battle pass level limit has been extended from 110 to 130. You will be able to earn more rewards! Cavalry treasures are also added to both the free tier and the p... Read more

05 Nov

• What is NBWC (NARAKA: BLADEPOINT World Championship)
NBWC is a global championship created by 24 Entertainment. Under this brand-new competition system, Naraka masters and teams from all over the world will gather together to compete for Immortal Glory.
You may already know that there are several NARAKA competitions in progress in some regions, such as the Morus Cup in North America and the Celestra Cup in Southeast Asia. NBWC can be regarded as the highest hall of honor beyond these regional events. Players will participate in their respective regional competitions first, climb their way to the top, and earn their spots in the NBWC.

Entering NBWC means that you will be invited to join the LAN event with players from other regions. If you are participating, players must prepare for vaccinations, Visas, and international travel. We are ready to provide participants with an amazing event experience under the premise of ensuring everyone's safety.

• NBWC's Priz... Read more

03 Nov

1. The game has become laggy after the update and optimization seems to be worse

Our background data shows that the performance has improved after each optimization. However, we've received feedback from many players suggesting that the optimization seems to be worse after the update. We will use a megathread to collect specific issues from players after the next update to further analyze what went wrong.

Our goal is to continuously optimize the game for all users to enjoy the best experience when playing. You can also check out our patch note, which will mention some of the optimizations and bug fixes we have done.

2. Ping lock and queue time issues

We have been working on this issue and would like to keep up with the community on our progress. We've been doing some gray testing and trying to balance between preventing players from encountering unstable players on the network, and longer match queue times.

There are many different... Read more

27 Oct

Dear players:

The servers of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT will be suspended for maintenance from10/27/2021 23:00 (UTC) to10/28/2021 03:00(UTC). We suggest that you log out in advance and enter the game again after the maintenance.

The details for this update are as follows:

I. Valda Cui
1. Ultimate [Nether Nightmare: Bind]: Initiating a horizontal strike after using this ultimate no longer breaks enemies free from Bind. The hit rate of Valda's horizontal strikes has been improved, and she now has a new vertical strike in which she hurls forth a water spear: it travels slowly with a comparably low hit rate, yet deals high damage.
//Comments from Dev Team: These changes were implemented given that [Nether Nightmare: Bind] was originally only meant to bind multiple enemies, but wasn't working as well as intended. Tips: Vertical strikes have a very low hit rate when used alone. Try linking them in with horizontal strikes as part of a combo!

... Read more

26 Oct

Calling all aspiring filmmakers!

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Filming Contest: UNCHAINED starting October 15th-December 1st

Unchain your creativity and tell your own story of your favourite heroes on Morus Isle to win Alienware laptop, monitors, mouse as well as other breathtaking rewards!

Click HERE[] to Submit Your Creation

Submission Example:

Event Period (PDT)
Entry: Oct 15th – Dec... Read more
It's time to cast your vote! NARAKA: BLADEPOINT has been nominated as Best Multiplayer Game in the Golden Joystick Awards on games radar+! Cast your vote here:
1. We wish that Bloodsport can have a ranked system, a 3v3 option, more rewards, and maybe add spectators.

First of all, we are thrilled to see that everyone likes this new mode, especially the devs responsible for designing Bloodsport! They really appreciate your love and enthusiasm.
As of now, there is no plan for it to have a ranked system. However, this mode has a hidden MMRs system that will match opponents around your skill level. We are already discussing all the feedback and making considerations about how we can further improve players’ experience. We will continue working hard to optimize this mode in the future.
Meanwhile, we are also designing a new team-based mode that will provide players with refreshing combat experience.

2. Lag spike at the beginning of the game
Most likely, it is because your computer is reading map data. NARAKA's map is huge, so it takes some time to read and process it. As you may know, we have already carried out a wa... Read more

13 Oct

Dear players,

The servers of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT will be suspended for maintenance from 10/13/2021 23:00 (UTC) to 10/14/2021 03:00 (UTC). We suggest that you log out in advance and enter the game again after the maintenance.

New Mode: Bloodsport
An all-new mode, 'Bloodsport', is now open!
16 players must face off against each other in locations across Morus Isle. Engage in 1v1 battles to rise up the ranks until a champion emerges! Details for this mode are as follows.
1. Bloodsport is available to all players, all day.
2. Players must choose their hero and weapons for the round before it begins, and cannot change their decision until the Bloodsport finals.
3. The final rounds are decided in a best-of-three. Prior to these three rounds, players must choose their heroes and weapons (can choose the same heroes as in previous rounds).
4. If both players are still alive at the end of the round's time limit, the victor will be determined according to ... Read more
Dear Forerunners,

This week, we take a closer look at what is coming to the game very soon and some details about what is in the works for NARAKA: BLADEPOINT.

1. The new game mode that you've all been waiting for

Yes, you read this right. This week, a new and exciting game mode, Bloodsport, is coming to NARAKA!
Bloodsport is a melee-focused 1v1 game mode where players face off against their opponents by dueling them one by one as they make their way to the top.
This mode will truly put players to the test! After all, becoming the best of the best means mastering all heroes and melee weapons.

2. About the weapon and character skill balancing

'Nerf this weapon/character... ' - Yes, we hear your requests and have been paying close attention to the feedback from players on balancing certain characters and weapons. For now, we would like to assure you all that we are working hard in the background to align the community's requests... Read more

30 Sep

1.Malicious Teaming

We do not tolerate any form of malicious teaming. We have been working to optimize the reporting process and handling current player reports.

Now, when reporting a malicious teaming incident on our official website (, you can attach a picture alongside your report to provide evidence. In addition, a successful detection of collusion will grant the reporting player with an Immortal Treasure and be notified by an in-game mail. Once the teaming is confirmed, the teamer will not only be banned from matchmaking but also punished by a rank decrease.
Our goal is to provide a fair game environment with strict standards to crack down on malicious teaming.
Of course, this is not possible without the cooperation of our players. We hope that players who encount... Read more