13 Apr

Hello Crewmates!

Here are some hot fixes for the latest version of Among Us.

Fixes for version 2021.4.12
  • Account login flow significantly reworked
  • Multiple users can now log in to the same device (no more MismatchedProductUserIDs error)
  • Missing skins from Airship Bundle should be fixed
  • Text graphical update
  • Updated translations
  • Setting an invalid birthdate no longer makes account initialization fail
  • Sabotage menu no longer replaces minimap for Impostors
  • Room names are now consistently layered on the map
  • Develop Photos task does not finish instantly
  • Comms sabotage can no longer be repaired by ghosts, Impostors can now repair
  • Other various bug fixes
Thanks for playing as always!

Victoria and the Innersloth Team
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31 Mar

Welcome recruits!

Hop onto the newest Among Us map – the Airship! Out now on all platforms, work together on this airship to carry out the greatest plan... though whether that’s as a Crewmate or Impostor is another question.

This free map update includes:
  • The 4th map, and the biggest one yet
  • New tasks including jewel polishing, emptying trash (wow fun), and more
  • The ability to pick the room you start in
  • All new areas to explore (or get murdered in)
  • Improved mobility with ladders and moving platforms
  • New free hats including a heart pin, angry eyebrows, unicorn head, udder, and more!
  • Inspired by our other game, ...
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24 Mar

One more week until the new map drops, Crewmates!

I wanted to jump in and quickly explain the account system that'll be launching with the map, since I'm going to assume once the update launches very few people are going to read the dev log, lol.

INFORMATION ON ACCOUNTS Right now accounts are focused on reporting and moderation capabilities, but in the future we hope to add a friend system and the ability to transfer your cosmetics between devices. Cool? Cool!

  • You will be able to report if someone in the game is acting inappropriately, including: inappropriate names, inappropriate chat, cheating/hacking, and harassment/misconduct. Consequences can range from temporary to permanent bans (including alternate accounts).
  • ​Note that reports will be read by people (not bots!) and you will need to provide a reason as to why you are reporting.
  • No linking of multiple accounts yet (Steam account is only on Stea...
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18 Mar

Hi Crewmates!

We know people have been excited and waiting for the map – thank you to those who have been SO supportive and understanding. It’s really helped us out mentally these past few months.

☁️ The Airship, our new & biggest map - drops MARCH 31st, 2021! ☁️

This free update will have all new tasks, the ability to pick the room you start in, ladders, a basic account system for moderation and... more?! (Some new free hats as thanks for being so patient with us perhaps?! 👀)

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06 Mar

Hey Crewmates!

We've been working on fixes over the weekend for the game, sorry about for the issues! Whew.

Version 2021.3.5 updates includes fixes for:
  • Blank screen when creating a new room
  • Players unable to find any lobbies in the public list
  • Age gate for Quickchat is 13+
  • Black screen in lobbies and creating games
  • Desync issues should be fixed when everyone in the game is updated to the latest version. However we're waiting on approval from the store for iOS, so there may be some people in public lobbies that still have the old version.

We're still aware of visual bugs, clipping, and other gameplay bugs. Super appreciate the patience and support as we get these sabatoges fixed. :)

- Victoria
    victoria on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Heya! We're pushing out updates, but a lot of this happens if not everyone in the game has updated to the latest version. iOS is still waiting on approval from the store to get pushed, but hopefully handled soon! Sorry about that :)

05 Mar

Hey Crewmates, small feature update!

We've just added Quickchat (version 2021.2.21) - this is an easier, faster and safer option to play if you're using text chat! There will still be an options for free chat (toggle it On/Off in Settings), and if you're under the legal age limit you'll have Quickchat for you.

I know you're waiting for the big update news too. Sorry it's been so quiet on our end, we've been focused and working on getting things to you. In trhe future we'll definitely make sure to get you more regular dev updates.

The ball is rolling, promise I'll get you more info when I can!



Minor update: We're highly aware that a lot of things are broken and we are very hard at work trying to put out these fires! We're also working on fixing the age gate to 13. W... Read more

17 Feb

    victoria on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Check here to have your frequently asked questions about the game answered!

If you are looking for updates about bug fixes, please check the pinned posts in the Bug Reports sub forum here.

  • Innersloth is currently receiving professional translation help, and is not looking for translators.
  • Release date for new/updated languages is not confirmed, though they are actively in development.
  • Currently planned for support: English, French, Italian, EU&LA Spanish, Dutch, Russian, EU&BR Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, and Filipino (Bisaya)

Friend Lists
  • Accounts need to be finished first before this is possible to implement.
  • Accounts are have launched early 2021, but mainly to serve the purpose of reporting ...
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19 Jan

Hellllo Crewmates (...and Impostors...)!

Whew, it’s been awhile since our last dev log huh? Happy 2021! Here’s a giant dev log update, a wrap up, and mini roadmap for the time ahead. All strapped in? Then let’s goooo!

Big updates
  • New map coming early 2021 – watch the trailer here. As we revealed at the Game Awards on Dec 10th, the new Airship map will be dropping in early 2021! Inspired by our other game ...
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24 Nov

Hey all, Victoria here! As a quick introduction, I’m the new Community Director at Innersloth (bringing us to a grand total of 4 people on the team), which means you’ll probably be hearing from me a lot more from now on.

December is shaping up to be an extremely busy month getting a bunch of things to you. So let’s dive right into the dev log for v2020.11.17!

Fun news
  • Awards. We’re nominated for TWO awards for The Game Awards – Best Multiplayer and Best Mobile Game. We’re seriously all blown away by everyone who has gathered around our game and are honored to even be nominated. You can vote for us to win here[].
  • New map peek. We launched an official ...
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