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And it's getting worse, before it was just a per game basis, now you have to restart the client just to fix this bug. I assumed that the new engine version would fix this but it actually made it worse. Riot needs to fix this as this is honestly one of the more game affecting bugs that has been ignored for quite some time now. (I actually posted about this before but it hasn't been noted anywhere still by Riot since.)

I've also been encountering summon bugs (Skye dog and Sova drone) as well, getting stuck for 1 solid second even before I get to move.

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Started having a bug with the frenzy where I lets say have 2 bullets in my gun and then i reload, the reload doesn’t ‘follow through’ and goes back to the prior 2 bullets quite annoying, lost me a few fights now

This sounds like packet loss - should turn on the network graphs and see if there's correlation.