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Need breach ffs

Flash lasts for ages and on top of that I can’t even dodge it as the flash could come from any wall or any angle, I can’t dodge it even if I do a 180 degree turn as Il still get flashed for a second

That’s not bad? How about when the flash is not even on my screen and I still get flashed for a second


Breach is actually the second lowest winrate agent in the game (Yoru is lower, but we'll see if that remains true after the 2.06 buffs). However, your sentiment is pretty common - in our patch surveying, we see a good chunk of players feeling that Breach is overpowered as well as frustrating to play against, namely because his utility robs agency from enemies (can't see, can't shoot well).

It's something we're talking about. Having an agent who's objectively weak in matchmaking but also frustrating to play against isn't ideal, and we have some ideas for things we may want to try in the future. Just wanted to hop in to call out that changes to effect game balance/winrate and changes to effect the experience/enjoyment of playing around an agent are very different, and we like to talk about both.

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Originally posted by SoKawaiii

Starting with 2.06, we’re taking a more aggressive approach with our updates, so that we see a larger impact to Agents with each one.

This is great, hopefully it doesn't backfire

We're opting to be more aggressive, but also line up resources ahead of time and draft out contingency plans so we can react quickly if we overstep on something. For example, on this set of Viper changes, we have a changelist ready to implement if she ends up being way too strong and we need to dial it back. We have this for launch agents too, our agents have just historically launched pretty weak and needed buffs more than nerfs!

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Originally posted by RazTTV

Wow I’m actually surprised to know that breach has the second lowest win rate in the game!

Like you said he’s more of a frustration to play against especially when combined with movement agents like Jett and Raze.

I feel like only his flash is strong and rest of his utility are pretty meh which could be the reason why people don’t take him that often?

Anyway Thanks u/Altombre for your insight on this! And keep up the good work 👌

Yeah totally, I hope I didn't come across as trying to invalidate your opinion - the way you feel is pretty common and it's something we talk about a good amount!

I think a big aspect of Breach's lower success in matchmaking is also the burden of coordination he places on the team; since it's hard for him to capitalize off of his own utility, he tends to need to work with teammates more than other agents. We often see agents that require more coordination (Skye, Breach, Astra) have lower matchmaking winrates, but that doesn't mean their utility isn't objectively powerful or feel tough to play against. This is why you see some pretty damn powerful Breach plays in pro, but he's not quite as successful out in the wild.

Keep sharing your feedback with us, it's super valuable to understand our players' perspectives. Whenever you can frame your grievances as a balance issue (I genuinely think this character is too strong) vs. an experiential issue (regardless of power, I think this character is not enjoyable to play with/as/against), it's also helpful for us so we can strategize around what types of changes might be able to help alleviate those feelings.

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Originally posted by Hubbardia

That's good to hear! In one of the threads, someone raised a good point: for agents that have had a low pick rate for a long time (like viper) it may take some time for people to learn how to play around her and come up with counter strats.

Will you be giving some time for the agent to settle in the meta—especially after aggressive buffs—even if they might seem OP for a patch or two?

Yeah, it's something that we consider a good amount. Normally, buffs take awhile to settle in because whenever we buff an agent, we see an influx of new players who aren't as good at the agent trying them out - so typically we see the opposite effect (agent's winrate starts off as low or unmoving, then gradually climbs up as players learn/newer players transition back onto their main agents).

We also have the capability of looking at experienced players on a certain agents' winrate, as well. For example, with the Viper buffs, we'll want to see her winrate on average, but also what her winrate looks like within the group of players who've already dedicated a lot of time to Viper.