11 months ago - Fatshark_Hedge - Direct link

Is it something you can look into?

I’ve asked the question! WIll report back when I hear something :slight_smile:

7 months ago - Fatshark_Hedge - Direct link

Investigations are continuing with the latest updates from Valve and Epic, too soon to go in to any findings though.

about 1 month ago - Fatshark_Hedge - Direct link

So we have performed all the requisite steps to have this work. We’ve ticked the boxes in the EAC portal, included the files in the appropriate places. Problem is, as you can see, it doesn’t work. We’ve been in touch with both third parties (in this case Epic and Valve), but we’re at a bit of a roadblock truth be told. Those who would work on really digging in to the weeds on this are indeed digging in to Darktide weeds, so aren’t able to spend sufficient time liaising with Valve and Epic to figure out why it’s not working despite doing what seemed necessary.

In short, work on this is on hold for now. We’ll bark up this thread should things spin up again.