2 months ago - FatsharkLev - Direct link

Hi @FattyShark,

It appears that your GPU is below the minimum requirements for Vermintide 2, so this could be resulting in the crashes you’re experiencing.

Though, you mention that Modded realm is working, which indicates the issue may be related to our Easy Anti-Cheat service.

It seems you’ve already tried all of our usual recommendations in this situation, so I’m a bit of a loss at what to suggest.

In this instance, I’m happy to contact Steam and request a refund on your behalf (providing you purchased through Steam originally), please let me know if this is something you’d wish to do.

Sorry I’m unable to be of more help :frowning:

2 months ago - FatsharkLev - Direct link

Yes, it’s possible for anti-virus software to conflict with EAC. Perhaps instead of removing Comodo, if possible ensure you have firewall and anti-virus exceptions in place for both Vermintide 2 and the Easy Anti-Cheat service.

2 months ago - FatsharkJulia - Direct link

It’s my understanding Comodo have whitelisted Easy Anti-Cheat. Do you have the latest version of Comodo installed?