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The F-104S TAF had the highest efficiency at 10.7, therefor it was not possible for it to remain at that BR. Any vehicle that's at the very top of its given BR bracket is subject to being increased. Its also worth noting it could face all the same vehicles that it faces now, with the exception of the lower 9.7s it outclassed which it previously could but now cannot face.

As its only been a single day since the changes, its too soon for any reconsiderations of BRs at this time. However the developers will monitor the changes to all vehicles and take them into consideration in the next BR update.

Me also personally playing a vehicle is not how vehicles BRs are decided. But I have indeed played it tonight and extensively before the patch too.

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Both were looked individually and both received a BR increased based on their performance.

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No further changes are planned at this time. Again, the aircraft had the highest efficiency at 10.7, so it could not remain there. It's been at 11.0 for just one week. As I mentioned, the Devs will follow it's status and make changes if necessary in a future BR review update.

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This is not under consideration. The F-104S.ASA has AIM-9L at 11.3.

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The ASA is a later modification and the version of the F-104S to carry AIM-9L. Not the early S or TAF.

As mentioned, this is not under consideration as the ASA is 11.3 with 4 x AIM-9L. The 104S has 6 x AIM-9J and is at 11.0.

The F-104S moved to 11.0 because of its high efficiency at 10.7. So its also not going to receive even better missiles on the back of that.

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We do not release the full details of our statistics. They are a combination of multiple key factors.

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We don't and have not released the full stats for any vehicle, premium or otherwise for the history of the game. This is not something specific to the F-104S / TAF, but all vehicles in game.

This has nothing to do with being disrespectful. We have provided several answers here already as to why the vehicles BR initially changed and why it wont receive AIM-9L.

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I'm not sure what point you are trying to make here. This was one of the most discussed vehicles for this BR update and we provided some additional context as to what vehicles it faces most.

This is not the same and actually nothing to do with the type of stats being asked for to be shown regarding what determines the BR of the vehicle. Which we have never released. You are confusing two elements which don't apply to the context here. What was asked was the stats regarding why the F-104S was moved up. To which, we have already provided an explanation.

BRs for all vehicles are always subject to change. This is the case for all vehicles. Be that tree, premium, event or otherwise.

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I fully understand the matter you are describing. What I have been trying to explain is that this is a normal part of our balance adjustments. We frequently make changes to BRs across all types of vehicles, as evident by the most recent update:

We do not however provide the statistics behind those changes.

I have already gone into further detail in this topic as to why the F-104S was changed.

It was brought up in that situation because it was relevant in the context of that situation. Its not at all relevant in this case with the F-104S. This is not that situation and a response from the developers has already been provided on the matter of the F-104S. A list of the opponents the F-104S faced the most before its BR was increased is not relevant in this case.

We don't fabricate "answers" and the answer relevant to the F-104S has already been provided.

There was never a question that there have been occasions when we have elaborated as to why certain vehicles have to change. We have done that already in this very topic and the matter has been answered several times now.

The original post I was responding too was asking why we wont provide full statistical detail as to why the F-104S was moved up. This is not the same as providing situational context and a comparison between two similar vehicles at differing BRs. Which was the objective of that opponent chart.

As with all BR changes and as I mentioned previously in the topic, the F-104S's situation will be monitored and reviewed again if required.