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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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A new premium strike aircraft in the Soviet lineup, featuring devastating guns and a heavy bomb load. The perfect addition for mixed and naval battles at mid tiers!

In our game, the Tu-1 is a premium strike aircraft at rank IV of the USSR aviation. This aircraft complements the line of cannon strike aircraft, and in many ways resemble the excellent premium TIS-MA fighter. Heavy forward-facing armament consisting of a pair of 45-mm and a pair of 23-mm cannons makes it unsurpassed in the destruction of low-flying bombers and attack aircraft in air battles. Ammo belts for hitting armored targets easily crack armored vehicles - including heavy tanks and self-propelled guns when shot into the side or roof. Tu-1 is equipped with a radar, which is quite exotic for mid-rank Soviet aviation. The radar makes it easier to detect targets in markerless game modes and will be a huge advantage in night battles, as well as in thick clouds, rain or snow. Two machine-gun mounts with high-caliber MGs at the bottom and top of the fuselage will quickly cool down fighters that dare to chase the Tu-1 on her “six”.

The Tu-1 is an excellent addition to the Soviet strike aircraft lineup. We are sure that the aircraft has a great future in War Thunder!

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