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14 Feb


Hey all! We appreciate everyone's feedback and want to provide more insight. The range at which players will receive feedback on an incoming Precision Airstrike is < 100m from the target area, allowing players to predict ahead of an enemy player or enemy squad's movement. This distance is a metric that we will continue to monitor based on player sentiment and internal data.

We are passionate that the design direction the Precision Airstrike is heading in is the right one. For too long players have been hit by a Precision Airstrike without any knowledge and we heard this feedback loud and clear that it needed addressing. This feedback was also validated when we looked at our internal data which highlighted how many players were being killed significantly above and beyond other killstreaks.

Whilst in Season 2 it may not be as easy as previous years to Precision Airstrike a full squad wipe on an unsuspecting team, this change has brought better balance to the Kills...

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19 Jan


Originally posted by eyeballeddie

Terrible change. No longer be able to PA into someone’s path when you see them running and getting some surprise kills.

This change will only appear if you are within range of the Precision Airstrike when it's first called in. Want to surprise someone by throwing it in their path? You can totally still do that. :)

09 Jan


Originally posted by NxAliGator_

TIL Raven is active on reddit!

We're always observing, just not always responding to everything! When people post bugs here, especially with a video showing it happening, it's extremely helpful and we appreciate it a ton!


Appreciate you posting this bug! Our team is investigating!

06 Dec


Hey! This isn't one we've seen today. Are you still experiencing the issue?


This sounds like a bug! We've reported it to the team.

04 Aug


Are you still encountering this issue? We pushed a fix for this yesterday evening that should resolve all instances of NVGs appearing in BR.

12 Jul

11 Jul