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At least give those that fall victim to a all to rampant problem some fortification or something to offset the issue.
It’s hard for me to understand a ranked system in any game having such a fatal flaw met with continued silence for so long. I like the game but my time playing is dictated by the amount of afk/troll matches. It’s not worth the frustration to “muscle through” a handful of matches that you have no control over.

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Thanks for the well thought out response.
If fortification, or at least a reduced amount for afk, is not the answer then the offending player needs a heavier toll for leaving. A cumulative effect of validated reports, more in game prompts outlining the offense as it happens etc.

I’m not going to pretend to know why or how riot manipulates game matchmaking but it’s obvious it’s at play. Some effort needs to be made to address this flaw. At a minimum there needs to be some relief for those that understand you cannot win every match and don’t become a anchor 1 minute or 10 minutes into a match.

Yes, we agree that our penalties are not meaningful enough for AFKs. Especially in ranked. No specific timeline, but this is something we are looking to improve.

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They're working on it as of 2 months ago. It seems like currently they are tuning a system to more accurately detect afk and troll activity before they start to implement more severe punishments. It's a fine line to walk though. If someone has a baby that wakes up in the other room and they need to leave the game, should they be banned for the rest of the day? If it happens again the next day, should they be banned for a whole week? It's a mobile game, and sometimes life happens.

Conversely, I was playing Yuumi yesterday and my ADC scored an ace. Because I didn't need to actively poke or switch to other players, the most effective thing to do was stick to my ADC and heal for the attack speed bonus. 30 seconds later I got a warning about being afk, so I started spamming my q while the ADC shot at turrets. 60 seconds later I was informed that I would receive punishment for being afk. If the punishment was more severe than a 20 minute ban, I would have been pretty upset.

Yoooooo can you DM me your info (playername#NA1 or similar)? Also roughly what time/timezone you played that game. We are concerned about false positives on Yuumi and are going to hotfix some adjustments.