almost 3 years ago - MatroseFuchs - Direct link

All modifications published on the official forums of the game are verified and do not lead to account blocking.

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There is a section of the forum which exists for "Modders" (folks that make mods for our game). That section is only open to people them.

If you are looking for a Mod to use, please check out the Modstation here:

almost 2 years ago - MatroseFuchs - Direct link

ModStation is a program for installing modifications, each modification has its own author, you can contact the author of the mod if you have suggestions for improvement. ModStation developers are not the authors of modifications.

almost 2 years ago - MatroseFuchs - Direct link

Firstly, these are completely different mod installers, they cannot be the same. Secondly, the sets of modifications in modpacks are different, but the modifications that are in modpacks are the same because they are all published on the forums and modpackers add mods to their modpacks at their discretion.

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