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Hello, Captains!

A new DevBlog has been posted here: https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/411

Please leave any feedback you have here.

Thank you!

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Smaland is specifically capable at the role she performs. While Ragnar is great against other DDs in terms of raw matchup, Clan Battles tend to be factored around the Cruiser damage. Cruisers will be able to interact with a Ragnar more consistantly than a Smaland, which makes for a different frontline experience.

Cruiser choice is heavily limited based on Battleships that will be encountered. The season starts with 2 BBs which is already a lot of map pressure, so removing a variety of 420mm+ weaponry makes for more variety of Cruiser choice that can be played into a double BB setup. While Yamato, Shikishima, and Incomp are still allowed, they have weaknesses which are considered significant enough to be played around despite their Overmatch. Overmatch being limited in possible playstyles frees up gameplay options.

When CBs change to single Battleship, the meta will again change. Having the variety of Cruisers available will still be in effect, so it could make for some really dynamic play.

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