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Hi. Are you playing on Android?

Can you send more info about your device? Crash logs would be appreciated as well. You can send them to [email protected]

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Originally posted by Titanlore12

Yes, unfortunately I can barely play for a few minutes before crashing, However I play on mobile and I am sure the game would run better on a computer

Does the crash happen when you do anything specific?

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Originally posted by Titanlore12

Well my device is quite old but when I look at the death counter (and other various statistics on the bottom bar thing) if a lot of people are dying the rapidly updating numbers can shut me out of the game. Or at least that has happened several times and it would seem to be an issue

  1. Do you have premium?
  2. Are you playing on iOS or android
  3. What if you create empty world and leave it for a while. Is there a crash?
  4. If you played for a long time. Was the game worked without crashes before for you? On some previous versions
  5. What if you disable Internet and try to play. Is there a crash?
  6. Is the crash really happen every 2 minutes?
  7. What is your phone model and OS version
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Originally posted by Sxlimann-on-ig

No I’m not playing on android im playing on an iPhone (iOS), i will send more information, but is there a way for me to prevent this ?

Which iPhone is it? Which iOS version?