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Small announcement. We are working hard on the next update and multiple separate features(don’t ask mastef about it), which will be a pretty big one. Stay tuned and expect some sneak peeks soon!

Sometimes people ask why content updates take so long. As the game evolves and more features are added - some of the old code becomes hard to deal with and needs to be adapted. It requires big changes under the hood.

If you played the game like a factorio - it’s a bit like rewiring 50% of your factories and conveyor belts, while keeping half of them not touched and working. It’s a subtle job, which could bring non-obvious new bugs, which also take time to fix. Like cats attacking mages in cold blood.

As a result, this rewiring work would make next updates easier to make and maintain.

It also makes the life of the modders much easier. And modding support we hope to improve a lot after steam release and workshop integration.

In the last year we reworked some of these parts of the code. And now working on another big chunk of these improvements


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