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Originally posted by d_d_c_95: ive already developed a fond hatred for those gd birds. wait so does that mean they no longer smell when i have meat on me? . also i just died to what looks like a bull dog the size a gd horse inside a building WTFF!?!?!?!
Smell system was removed because it was too costly with the new AI in a17. May make a return after some optimization.

Originally posted by KerlFieser: Don't know why but since the last a20 patch (or the one before) the z'ds refuse to climb ladders. Even if it is the direct way to me, they run around and smash all things but don't climb up
This is a known issue with pathing. It's on the KI list.
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Originally posted by Highlander:
Originally posted by d_d_c_95: i cant say for sure cause been away from game for a bit but were zombie always this gd smart? able to ( and will) traverse the maze of building over taking the straight path through some barbed wire, will find a a alternative path to me rather then walk into the empty pit i made for them , and i know ther suposed to have good noses but ive had several now track me clear across a map to my base. was there a general zombie upgrade i missed
Its been like this since 17 all the zeds went to Zombie University and all have degrees in building engineering . Once your base is breeched they all start to funnel through that one area. If you listen close you can hear one zombie yell to another Over hear you Dead Heads LOL
Yeah, because they're using the current zeds to test AI for the bandits. Has been a thing since a17. Faatal has confirmed that zeds will return to their previous stupidity, but with some more randomness and a lot of the a16 AI bugs fixed.