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There's four main issues.

One, Difficulty for the sake of difficulty isn't what most people want. Higher difficulty and risk is great- When there's a commensurate reward. Higher difficulty in 7DTD doesn't reward you; Only punishes.

Two, Most people don't like bullet sponge enemies. High difficulty in 7DTD = bullet sponges- Takes 20 hits with a club at level one to kill a zombie? Too much for most to stomach. Does it get better later in the game? Sure. After you've spent 5 minutes a piece killing 500+ zombies.

Three, The vast majority of 7DTD players prefer PVE and absolutely LOATHE the idea of PVP and having people killing them at random, Or, More worriesomely, Breaking into their base and ruining all their hard work.

And most significantly: Time taken. With 25% loot and a low experience multiplier, it takes AGES to get anywhere, And most 7DTD players are relatively casual; They have an hour or two they can put in once or twice a week- Spending 6 months to get anywhere is not most peoples idea of fun.

This time taken is further compounded by PVP- The fact that you could spend weeks building up a modest base and have it vanish overnight because some ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ thought it'd be funny is a huge turnoff to most casual/PVE players.

Time taken is why servers with high loot abundance and exp multiplier are so popular. You can hop on, and achieve an appreciable gain within a few hours- And even if someone breaks in and nukes your stuff, It's not hard to get that back the second time around since you're much higher level and the abundance is so high.

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