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Originally posted by CrazyOdd: Not sure its still in the game, but you could use 1 bed and 1 bedroll, for spawn points.

While that idea has potential, I don’t think it’s ever been part of the (vanilla) game.
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Originally posted by brian9824: Agreed on a big why? Blocks have owners and it would be complicated to do what is being described.

What is so hard about putting down your own bedroll?

Perhaps the OP plays with their spouse or SO, and sharing a bed (even though you don’t sleep) is important for role playing purposes.

For a time, I joined a coop server hosted by a husband and wife couple I’d never met in real life. They had their bedrolls together in the same room of the base. I can’t express how much it would’ve felt like breaking an unspoken taboo to put my bedroll down right next to theirs.

It surprised me. I know, it’s just a game. I know, it’s just a block that affects spawning. So who cares, right? But without meaning to, those notions of privacy and personal space still came through, in a virtual world between virtual characters.
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It’s not the worst idea, but you would spawn underground on top of the bedroll instead of on the bed. That’s why you can’t place a bedroll unless there are two blocks free vertically: so you can spawn exactly there.

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