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Recently, I started noticing an issue with the different settings for audio dynamic range (ADR) in AC Valhalla. When switching between Full, Medium, and Night, there appears to be no observable difference in the volume or the ‘range’ of the audio mixture between music, dialogue, and sound effects. How do I know this? When switching between the settings for AC Origins, I can detect an obvious difference between Full, Medium, and Night. Originally, I thought I had a hardware issue, but the fact that there is a clear difference between two different Ubisoft titles leads me to believe that this is a software problem.

Problems with ADR were originally noticed as far back as the launch day of this title... two threads that discussed the topic were eventually RESOLVED...
[RESOLVED] Sound effect volumes are unbalanced / inconsistent | POST HERE | Ubisoft Discussion Forums
[RESOLVED] Audio sounds compressed / of a low bitrate / poor quality | POST HERE | Ubisoft Discussion Forums

Following TU 1.3.0, a separate thread was started regarding an issue with footstep effects, which clearly relates to ADR... however, this thread has not been marked as RESOLVED...
[AUDIO] Missing sound footsteps still not fixed. | Ubisoft Discussion Forums

Perhaps most recently as of last month (July 2022), a forum user noted a personal issue regarding the heaviness of the assassination ‘boom’ sound effect, being abrasively louder than the rest of the audio, which again makes it an ADR issue...
Assassination sound BOOM-sha-ka-laka | Ubisoft Discussion Forums

So, there is a clear history of ADR problems with this game which have existed on and off since its launch. While I do not expect the developers to fix something that has been a problem for almost two years, I hope that greater awareness can prevent its repetition in future Ubisoft titles.

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Hey @TheNorfolkian

Thanks for your post about this. I haven't seen any feedback about there being no difference between these settings myself before, but I'll pass it on so it can hopefully be looked into.

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@TheNorfolkian Hi there 😊

Our development team has requested some additional information for their investigation:

  • Could you do a drop attack and let us know if there is any difference in sound with Audio Dynamic Range on Full and Night?

  • A video of the issue, if possible, showing either oil pots exploding with Audio Dynamic Range on Full and on Night or performing a drop attack onto the ground with Audio Dynamic Range on Full and on Night

Please also make sure that you have your current save files uploaded to the cloud 🙂

@azullFR Thank you for the additional report 🙂 If you could please also provide the information above, that would be great!

Thanks 😊

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Hi @azullFR apologies for the late response.

Thanks for the video and the information provided, I have forwarded this on to the development team.

With regards to your question I am unsure.

As soon as we have more information we will update this thread.

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Hi @azullFR I'm afraid there are no further updates on this.

Thanks for the video provided, it's appreciated.

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Hi Vikings!

After thorough investigation, the development team is unable to modify the sound mixing of the Audio Dynamic Range settings as they must focus on issues that have a comparatively higher impact on gameplay experience.

I understand that this is not the outcome you were hoping for and can only apologise.

As the development team have closed the investigation for this issue I will now lock this thread.

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