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Below is a quick list of bugs I've discovered in the new Forgotten Saga mode:

Repeating Dialogue

Odin repeats the "My patience has been rewarded." line outside of thief opportunities.


Frequent Stagger Animation

Odin frequently assumes the respawn stagger animation throughout runs.


Hel Boss Lock

Some runs don't have Hel trigger her second phase after depleting her health to the proper amount.


about 2 months ago - UbiMindflayer - Direct link

Hey @RCDeschene , thanks for sharing all of these issues with us, and I'm sorry for any inconvenience or frustration this issue may have caused. I'd like to get into these situations and investigate a bit further.

  1. Odin repeats himself - This is certainly interesting that he'd say the same thing out of context. To clarify, was this a one-time situation you noticed? Or, does Odin repeat this line often in other parts of the game? If so, about how long have you noticed this happening?
  2. Odin caught in respawn stagger - Similarly to the issue above, could you describe how often this happens? Does it seem to happen in all regions and activities? This information will be quite helpful.
  3. Hel does not proceed to second phase of battle - We've actually reported this issue up, but I'd like to add further details to the investigation. Could you tell me what weapons you were using on that particular run with Hel? Additionally, did you notice anything unusual or peculiar with Hel's behavior or the in-game behavior in general around the point you knocked Hel's health down about halfway? Lastly on this topic, you had summoned the wolf companion during the battle and Hel began attacking the wolf, correct?
  4. Delay on triggering of acquired ability in The Forgotten Saga - Could you provide an image showing the title and information of the exact ability you're having this trouble with? Thanks!

@Syakireencra9 Thanks for sharing this information! I'm sorry you've also been having the issue with Hel! To continue, could you provide us with this information below? It would help us update the report.

  1. Do you recall the exact gear you used during the fight with Hel?
  2. Did you notice any strange behavior with the game and/or Hel around the halfway mark of the fight?

Thanks so much, both of you, for your information! 👍

about 1 month ago - Ubi-LadyBlue - Direct link

Hey @RCDeschene and thanks for updating with all of that info.

Just as a follow-up to get a bit more information from the teams, could you tell me what quality your Gungnir spear was? Did you have any runes equipped? If so, which ones and which abilities were equipped (if you happen to remember)?

about 1 month ago - Ubi-LadyBlue - Direct link

No worries at all @RCDeschene,

It took a bit, but I've made sure all of these issues were reported to the appropriate teams. I want to say thank you again for not only getting these reported, but also for all the additional information, video clips, and just generally being incredibly helpful. If you need anything else, definitely let me know and I'll be happy to help where I can. 💙

about 1 month ago - Ubi-Keo - Direct link

Hi @RCDeschene the development team have updated the issue you reported with a delayed trigger for abilities.

They have said that Eivor must finish the animations in order to trigger the ability, this also requires focus on the enemy. They also suggested for you to not mash the buttons but to use a good timing. In the video you provided they noticed that you performed a heavy attack and tried to activate the ability whilst the heavy attack was still in an ongoing animation.

Could you please try this again and if the issue persists can you try it with a different controller to see if that makes any difference?

about 1 month ago - UbiMindflayer - Direct link

@RCDeschene At this time this appears to be intended behavior according to what you originally described, and I'm sorry for any inconvenience this causes you. Thanks again for your time with this, and please feel free to let us know if you need help with anything else. 😊

about 1 month ago - Ubi-Keo - Direct link

@RCDeschene you're welcome 🙂