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Hey - I made a mistake on posting different game videos in the share your videos section and got permanently banned. I really love the discord and will be extra careful if I’m allowed back in. Thanks for your time. Discord name is RhaegarTW#0600.

3 months ago - Ubi-Massilia - Direct link

Hello @RhaegarDW

Sorry but we can't handle Discord ban appeals on Forums.

You'll need to contact directly the moderators of the Discord channel.

In the meantime, if you have any other questions, feel free to ask and we will do our best to help you ! 

3 months ago - Ubi-Pegasus - Direct link

Hey @RhaegarDW

So I can help further, could you please confirm which exact server you were banned from? Was it the Ubisoft one or the Assassin's Creed Valhalla one?


3 months ago - Ubi-TheBerry - Direct link

Hey there @MorriganXV,

As noted, we as Ubisoft Support are not affiliated with the Discord Community Server and therefore have no abilities to unban users.

Nor can we assist via a case.

We can assist with queries relating to the official Ubisoft Support server only - for other community servers, this is a matter that must be taken up with the respective mods / admins of the server.

As there's no further assistance we can offer in regards to this, I will be locking this thread.

If there's anything further we can assist with, please get back in touch.

Thank you!

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