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Remember that old ‘resolved’ bug where players couldn’t remove the Meri Lwyd Cloak from Eivor? Here’s the old thread for those who never experienced it. Well, as of TU 1.4.1, it appears that this bug/glitch is back... The cloak appeared on my Eivor when I passed through Oxenforda recently, or rather nearby Glowescestre. When I fast traveled back to Ravensthorpe, the cloak was still present...


Anyway.... after some fidgeting with my gear, the cloak remained on Eivor while on the Inventory page, but surprisingly, once exiting the page back to the game, the clothing I had removed miraculously reappeared on my Eivor, as if I had never taken it off, and going back to the Inventory page seemed to confirm this. So, this could be a solution/workaround to the bug moving forward until it gets fixed.


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@thenorfolkian Hi there, sorry to see you ran into this issue. The cloak is supposed to equip every time you go to Glowecesterscire, but you should be able to unequip it when in other areas of the map. Were you in Ravensthorpe in the video you provided?

Could you also try the following workaround and see if this persists?

  1. Go to a restricted area and put up your hood
  2. Go into your inventory and remove your cloak, then equip a cloak once more