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The DLC has started to take place. I decided to clean up the map, but I can't collect a treasure map in Dublin, because the key is stuck under the textures and I can't pick it up. I tried to re-log in, even reinstall the game, but the bug is still there. (I use a translator)

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Hello there @SergioSix6 sorry to hear about this key getting stuck. As a heads-up I have removed what looked to be a few duplicate threads. I would agree with @azullFR that a few players have found success in disabling the Light-Fingered' skill in the skill tree to be able to proceed in similar quests. If the key is still stuck even with the skill disabled could you take a picture of where the key is stuck in the map?

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Thanks for the update @H3llDuk3, glad to see disabling 'Light Fingered' did the trick.

We have an investigation into this issue open already so we hope to have more news soon!

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