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it seems that in my game the whole questline that leads to scholars is not showing up. I currently have 700 elders, no active missions in enbesa (i completed the storyline about uniting the islands). I also got to where Ketema asks me some questions (with on of them being my only option to say "very small population" or something like that).

I do not have the option to reload the save because I ignored the questline for a pretty long time and don't want to go back to that point (if I actually have a save from that point in time).

Anyway - is there a way to get the questline back?

Thank you!

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Hey there, @Cytec_115! Welcome to the forums!

Have you built the Research Institute in your city yet? You'll need to do this first and then hit 1500 Elders before being able to unlock Scholars. Please let me know if after meeting these conditions if you're still unable to upgrade your population to the Scholars level.

Hey @cytec_115,

Thank you for taking the time to clarify that you weren't able to build the research institute.

To get an accurate answer for you I have reached out to the game team, I must advise that we do advise against the use of mods as this can result in the game behaving in unexpected ways which could contribute to this.

Many thanks,