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I've seen many comments that many players still have the problem that the last mission of the Iron Tower quest cannot be completed (after completion, the queen does not appear with her airship and deliver conspirators against the queen to Sir Archibald cannot be completed either )Furthermore, if you destroy the tower, break the quest, to build it without a quest, the tourist quests get usually bugged as well. I now have this bug in my 3rd saved game and I'm slowly running out of breath and lifespan, and my question is when will this finally be fixed, it can't be that a whole quest line with an item reward is completely bugged, it's widely known and hasn't been fixed for MONTHS! and the answer is always "it's planned" but nothing happened. A bug that destroys an entire DLC and makes it unplayable should normally be a top priority.

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Hey @LootSoldat , thanks very much for reaching out about this. My sincerest apologies for the frustration over this questline. I can see our team has several investigations open, and are working to get this resolved.

For the specific scenario of the Queen not turning up, though, I can see we'd verified that as fixed back in 2021, so it's really unfortunate to hear that you've run into this issue. Can you make sure you've done the troubleshooting guide for me? In particular from the guide, please make sure you are running the game with administrator rights, you've verified the game files, you've got your Windows install fully updated, and you've (at least temporarily, for testing) deactivated all background programs.

I understand the above is an unusual request for something which appears to be a known issue. The reason I ask is that the open investigations we have are a little bit different to your report, and it instead matches one we'd previously verified as fixed.

If the issue persists after the above steps, can you send me across a screenshot showing your current objective? I'd like to send this across internally to see if it is covered by the other issues we've got noted. Here's the screenshots guide to help with that, and the resulting images can be added to a response here in the forum thread using the little image icon above the post edit box.

Thanks again for your post. Let me know if I can clarify the above steps!

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Thanks for trying those steps and grabbing us those screenshots @LootSoldat.

Also, hello @IconSeven, I'm sorry it's holding you back from starting a new campaign. I wholeheartedly understand and would do the same in your position. 

After a bit of digging, I can see this is a different issue than the one that was resolved previously. I've gathered your info and the screenshots and gotten them passed along to our teams to see if we can help them get this fixed. 

Should either of you need anything else in the meantime, feel free to let me know and I'll do my best to help where I can.