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All items ingame no longer have traits, such as pirates or divers

20 days ago - Ubi-Thrupney - Direct link

Thanks very much for your posts about this, @nekyoarc - we really appreciate this! And welcome to the forums 🙂

When you say they no longer have traits, can you describe further what you mean? If possible, we'd love some screenshots illustrating this issue, so we can get them sent across internally to be investigated.

You mentioned verifying the game files, which is great! Please also see the other steps in our troubleshooting guide. In particular from that guide, please make sure you've updated your graphics drivers and operating system, and you don't have any unnecessary background programs interfering with the game.

If the issue persists after taking that step, please let me know, with a bit more information about the issue, and I'll be able to take some further steps from there 😎

19 days ago - UbiStorm - Direct link

@NekyoArc Thanks for posting those screenshots, and for listing out everything you've done from that guide provided by @Ubi-Thrupney ! Do you recall when exactly this started happening for you? Was it randomly, or did it seem to happen after an update or after launching the game after a long pause?

18 days ago - Ubi-Thrupney - Direct link

Thanks very much for these screenshots, and your clarifications on when this started happening, @nekyoarc - that's very helpful indeed.

I can confirm that this is something our team is aware of, and we're currently looking into it. I've added your report to our investigation, too.

I hope you've been enjoying 1800 otherwise 😎