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Ubisoft Connect Username: yooglemomo
Platform: PC
Game: Anno 1880

Hi, Support Team

I reach out to you because I have just experienced a heavy game stuttering and RAM memory overconsumption in Anno 1800 just today after playing the game for more than 150+ hours or so. The game starts showing the error today, but it worked just fine before that. It stutter with very savegame and the first time the game show the error that CPU shut the game down due to RAM overconsumption. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the game but there is no use. 

I will be much appreciated if you can help fixing the problem. 

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Hi there @yooglemomo, thanks for reaching out! Welcome to the forums.

I'm sorry to hear that your game is stuttering while playing. Does this occur if you create a new game as well? And do you have any other saves you can test to see if this issue occurs while playing them as well? About how long are you able to play before this happens? Also, please let me know exactly what error message you're receiving, and please try these steps then test to see if the issue is persisting. Please let me know if you have any questions!