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Order of events: Ubisoft email announcing the new DLC Seed of Change.
I viewed the video and followed a link to a pod-cast describing it's content.
When next logging in to an on-going game I first received a download of some 2.6Gb update. (Saturday 23rd April)
While playing the game I noticed the additions in the Warehouse Menu of Dung/Hot Sauce and Fertilizer.
OK - I believed these changes must have taken place with the new update in readiness for using the Seed of Change DLC
Fair enough and no problem. However when continuing with my game started before the above events I read and heard notifications of Schnapps running out from the New World. This product not in use in the earlier game I was playing and I do not have the Seed of Change DLC.
While looking at an Island in the New World owned by Princess Ying (AI) I observed and heard a cracking noise and a fissure appear in the islands surface and some of the dwellings crumbling - this I believe to be an earthquake. The game I play is Custom and at the easiest level and I've never seen this action before but I expect it may be a feature in more advanced levels.
Is this perhaps a 'bug' of some sort created by the update?
I advise of the above out of interest and must add it didn't spoil my enjoyment of the game.
Once I gain a little more confidence I expect I'll purchase the DLC to stretch me further.
Thank you.

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Regarding the Schnapps news: Yes, this is a currently known issue. We're looking into fixing this with a future update so that these notifications are not appearing when none of the new buildings have even been built.

However, I don't know what you're referring to with the fissure and crumbling. There are no earthquakes (or other types of features that would visually change the island) in the game. Factory explosions or fires can destroy buildings, though.