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Hello i have been playing Anno 1800 independently for several months and have completed the main story however, after having looked online it appears somewhere i have been locked out of progressing the storyline in the enbesa quest which unlocks scholars. Normally if something like this happened I would simply reload however this was several hundred hours ago. I have looked online and i meet all the requirements of every mission of the enbesa storyline and I remember getting at least as far as selecting designs for the research institute and preparing a banquet for Ketema and Archibald but then no more missions popped up. I can send my latest save file if required

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Hi @anxioussquirrel

Thank you for reaching out with this issue, sorry to hear you've been unable to progress. Would you be able to tell me if closing down and then relaunching the game makes a difference for you?

Could you also confirm that the game is up to date?

Thank you!