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Decided to start a new multiplayer run with my brother and 2 AIs (Hugo and George) cause new DLC. We've reached engineers but the AI still seems to be stuck on workers. Did some looking around their main islands and they are not making soap or bread. Sold some to Hugo but 20 minutes later and he still isn't advancing past workers.

They're not in any of the other regions as they don't have artisans. Hugo doesn't even have a second island in the old world.

Probably going to axe this run as the AIs not working does mean there's no pressure. No fighting over islands and all.

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We also do read the forums from time to time, yes.
Instead of a video, could you provide us your savegame where you encounter this issue? Either you upload it externally and post the link here or you can also send it via mail at [email protected]: (mailto:[email protected]) and we'll have a look.

Thank you 🙂