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The Blue Skies Delivery Service is not working as I expected it to based on its description, though it may be a wording problem. In the description for this item, it says "Residences with The Department Store, Furniture Store OR Drug Store need fulfilled are provided with Chewing Gum, Billiard Tables AND Violins". To me, that means that if ANY one of the three stores need is fulfilled then ALL three goods are provided. It seemed that these goods, especially Violins, weren't being provided. I worked out that what actually happens is that residences with The Department Store fulfilled only get Chewing Gum, those with the Furniture Store only get Billiard Tables, and those with Drug Store only get Violins. To get all three goods, you need all three Stores.

So either the item is not working as intended, or the text needs to be clearer that each store type only gives you one goods type.

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Hey asterix201252 thank you for pointing this out,

It does appear to be a typo, I believe it should have read 'Residences with the Department Store, Furniture Store, or Drug Store with needs fulfilled...'

I think it is working as intended, as it would make sense for a drug store to have chewing gum, furniture store > billiard tables, and department store > violins

I will forward this to our Anno team to take a look at to get confirmation and suggest rewording the description, thanks for your help!

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@asterix201252 Thank you for your reply. We will certainly pass your feedback on about adding the word "respectively".

If you need anything else please do let us know.

Thank you.