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I'm having this flickering problem in my game. Saw some posts online but haven't found a fix yet. Any help?
attached a video to show the problem.

I am running a G-sync monitor.

I tried:
running with V-sync off and on.
verifying game files
Updating nvidia drivers
running windowed, full screen, W full screen
reinstalling direct x, ect.

15 days ago - Ubi-Chiral - Direct link

Hiya @jamiewwer1!

Thank you for the video as well as that list of steps you've already tried. As MGuenny pointed out, it does seem like this flickering is caused by changes to the shadows so I'd like to know if messing around with any of the graphics settings has caused any change in this flickering you've run into. Also, around when did you first notice this issue?

Does it appear that the flickers happen completely randomly or upon scrolling over any specific areas or buttons in game?

Please also check if you have Multi Frame Sampled Anti-Aliasing on in Nvidia's settings, if you have that enabled please try disabling it and testing if the issue persists while it is disabled!

13 days ago - Ubi-SleepyGoat - Direct link

Thank you for confirming that disabling that option fixes the issue @jamiewwer1!

The post from @MGuenny was actually spot on about the cause of this problem. That specific type of anti-aliasing causes shadow lightening on some displays. It is possible that changing certain other graphical settings will allow you to keep MFAA turned on, and I can probably make some recommendations if you share a screenshot of your graphics settings.

Thanks for getting that screenshot for me @jamiewwer1!

Sorry about the delay on my response, Thanksgiving holiday got in the way 😊

I experience pretty similar shadow flickering to what was shown in your video, and changing the following settings made it harder to notice, but did not remove it entirely.

Shadow Quality - Medium
Lighting Quality - High
Object Quality - High

Unfortunately, this is not a perfect solution.