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Can somebody please fix the performance of this game? It has got steadily worse with each update, and has now got to the point where after playing for an hour or so the sound starts breaking up, and the whole game slows down. i thought it was to to with Ubisoft connect being online so I now run it offline which improves things a bit, but now with the latest DLC it has got worse again. I'm now running it with just the two original areas, New and Old World, with just two adversaries, and it still slows down. Please tell me you haven't employed Microsoft coders to fill the thing with bloatware that we can't turn off! Is the problem with Connect or the game? Might be an idea to let us run the game without Connect as it's not much good offline. When I look at the task manager it appears that Connect takes up the same resources as the game, so doubling the load on the pc. We don't all own Crays2 supercomputers so please fix the game so we can still run on normal ones.
Thanks. Btw, I'm running an I7 processor, 2TB disk (SATA), 2GB graphics, 12GB DDR3 RAM.
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Hey @AndyStennett,

Thanks for contacting us.
I'm sorry to hear that you've been experiencing poor performances with the game.
Have you tried to follow the steps from our technical troubleshooting guide?
They should help with optimization a little.
If the issue persists, I invite you to contact us through our Support Website to send us your Dxdiag and Msinfo32 reports, so that we can forward them for investigation.

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Hey @AndyStennett , thanks for coming back to us and sharing your further troubleshooting.

At present, from here on the forums, we won't be able to assist further. The reason for this is that our next steps would be to use your system files you've sent across on the support case to investigate further, and this is something we can't do in this public space. However, one of our support specialists will get back to you as soon as possible, on your support ticket, with next steps.