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I have two displays with different resolution. Sometimes I play on one and sometimes on another. I can't run the game if resolution is different than the one set last time. Could you please make a game start so I can change my resolution manually in options? Thanks for your help.

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Hello Bloodlex2 thanks for getting in touch with us about these game crashes.

Can you let us know what resolution and aspect ratio both of your monitors are, so we can make note of this?

As a workaround I believe you may be able to change your game resolution using your game settings file and editing your resolution listed in the file, using a text editor then saving it, before launching the game > %userprofile%\Documents\Anno 1800\config\

If you use the Steam version of the game, you can also sometimes specify the monitor you want to use in your launcher settings and set a launch argument command line for the game such as, refresh [rate],-w [width], -h [height] as explained in this guide, which may be an option for you >

Hey @bloodlex2,

Thank you for taking the time out to update us on the solution you have been using.

I have forwarded this information to the team for them to investigate.

Many thanks