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When I try to start the game there2s obvious a game update but also some kind of DirectX update, which not could be instlled. The only option I get was to quit the game. Pls - what's going on, how can I continue play the game?
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Hello ZmileInSweden, thank you for posting and I am a sorry to hear you have been unable to start your game.

Anno 1800 is designed to work with either DirectX 11 or DIrectX12, however sometimes Windows 10 will not update the version of DirectX you are using automatically, and so you will need to update this manually. This may be the reason you are unable to launch the game.

To update your DirectX version, please follow our troubleshooting steps, contained in this pinned thread -
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Hi folks! If anyone else is still having issues with launching Anno 1800 on their PC, please make sure to also complete our basic troubleshooting guide for the PC, in addition to the steps my colleague posted above for making sure your DirectX has been updated. Following both of these guides, please reach out to our Technical Support teams over the Support website for additional assistance with this crashing error.

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Unable to play the game with DirectX12 ? | Forums
Hello everyone, I am creating this sticky post to help players who are unable to use DIrectX12 when playing the game. For most of these players the game will run correctly if you use DIrectX11. If you you are experiencing issues with DirectX12 crashes, or the game not launching at all, there are some things you can do to fix this - Occasionally your Windows 10 OS will not update its DirectX versions automatically and you will have to force an update your self.

Troubleshooting technical issues on PC
Troubleshooting technical issues on PC