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After GU 14.1 for Anno 1800, it seems that the game starts to get laggy after you play beyond 1 hour. It is smooth when first loaded, but around 1 hour mark the game starts to have performance issue.

At around 1 hour mark, if you zoom out far away, you will notice ships movement start to get jitter (you can tell it isn't smooth sailing, freeze for that few milliseconds every second), and when you try to build houses you can tell the game responds 1 second slower than your command. It gets very obvious when you zoom in to production building such as farms and trying to put up the fields, the game either freeze for 3 to 5 seconds before responding to your command (building the field), or if situations get severe it will just freeze for more than 10 seconds.

These few days I try different things, and below is my observation so far:
1) The problem seems "cumulative through time", in other words you will have a perfectly smooth game when you first loaded your safe game, then the performance gradually drop as time pass. I try to force myself beyond 1 and a half hour game play today, and it just start to freeze the whole game to the point I almost need to use task manager to kill it.

2) I am using AMD 6800XT, so I did try with FSR ON and OFF, it does not make a difference.

3) It seems that if I lower down my resolution from 4k to 1440p (without FSR), the performance impact seems a little bit lesser in 1440p. It still lag/jitter, but not as unplayable beyond 1 hour mark.

4) DirectX11 seems to perform worst than DirectX12 (I am using DirectX11 previously, now I change to DirectX12). If i recall correctly, the game is not even smooth starting from the first minute if I use DirectX11 (which force me to try on DirectX12).

5) Although I have issue above, the game has not crash by itself, or maybe you can say before it even crash it is already quite unplayable.

My system in general:
- Intel i7-6700k
- AMD RX 6800XT
- Samsung SSD 1TB (2 drives, still with 150GB space)
- 32GB RAM
- 4k monitor
- Razer mouse and keyboard (in case their software got to do with this)
- My setting for the game is High/ultra in general, maxing most setting except AA at 4x. I did enable the high distance view, function that enable us to pan our camera view further (well beyond the general "Furthest" setting).

I could not find this recorded under Trello, so decided to post here. Appreciate if you can look into it, thank you.


12 days ago - Ubi-Milky - Direct link

Hello everyone thanks for getting in touch with us and letting us know you have been experiencing performance issues and lag in-game, when placing certain objects or playing past the 1-hour mark.

In order for us to look into this further, could you all please try running the game in both DirectX11 then DirectX 12 to see if you notice any improvement?

In addition to this, please run through all the steps in our troubleshooting guide to make sure your game files are verified in case of any corruption and all your drivers are fully up to date > https://www.ubisoft.com/help?article=000061047

If you are still having issues after following these steps, can you please list the following information in this thread to help us investigate? >

  • What CPU are you using?
  • GPU and driver update?
  • Ram
  • DirectX11 or DirectX12 - have you tried both?
  • Length of play session when the lag begins to appear?
11 days ago - Ubi-Milky - Direct link

Hello again everyone, thank you all who wrote your system specs in this thread, answered the questions about which DirectX you were using and provided videos to demonstrate the lag issues, in certain situations when building certain buildings, in certain locations, or zooming in the view.

I have opened up an investigation into this issue, so hopefully, the Anno team can get to look into this soon and get back to us.

We may need to ask you some follow up questions or gather system files, so please watch this space for further updates and I'm sorry you are experiencing this lag in-game

6 days ago - Ubi-Karl - Direct link

Hey guys!

@honestman692 - appreciate you for sending this over and I can confirm that this has been added together with the rest of the report submitted by @Ubi-Milky 🙂 .

@Mati8211 @pusty87 - welcome to forums and sorry to hear you are affected by this as well. As we're at a stage of gathering more details about this, is there any possibility you guys could advise us the following:

  • What CPU are you using?
  • GPU and driver update?
  • Ram
  • DirectX11 or DirectX12 - have you tried both?
  • Length of play session when the lag begins to appear?

@DLE-Handy @pusty87 - as far as downgrading goes, I'm afraid it isn't something that would be possible in such instance, however I would like to assure you that we're fully aware of how impactful this is and will see what we can do to address this at the earliest possible convenience.