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Originally Posted by SuicidalEw0k
This is an issue with the latest patch and not user hardware I can assure you. The game was running perfectly well for me the other day and the only other update I've installed on my PC are some GPU drivers for my RX5700XT (21.3.2). I do not believe switching the game client to DX11 should be a sufficient solution. Can Ubi please confirm that their QA team is investigating this issue?
Hey SuicidalEw0k, thanks for reaching out to us!

If you do experience issues with launching your game with either DX11 or DX12, let us know and we will have to look into the matter further, however for now, as long as troubleshooting steps are sufficient, we will continue as it is. Nevertheless, rest assured - situation will be closely monitored.

Should you have any further questions, let us know!
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Hey there guys,

Sorry for the delay and to see issues are still occurring

Please make sure you've given all the steps in our PC troubleshooting guide a try

If you're still having issues after giving those steps a try, please open a case on our Support Site and send over your system files.



We'd be more than happy to take a closer look!

If you're unable to open a case, you can also reach us on Facebook and Twitter

Thank you!

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