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hello i just bought the game not to long ago as it was on sale. I put 12hrs into the game and thought i saved the game but when i went to load it i couldnt load it and now that i have been trying to save the game i cant. i cannot run game as adminstrator as their is no option for that when i right click on game file. i tried to uninstall and reinstall, i have tried to verify games with no luck and im at wits end and almost about to demand a refund for this purchase as i cannot save the game there is no point in playing the game from the beginning over and over and over again

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@dubie3795 Hi dubie3975! This got posted to Rocksmith+, so I will move it for you to Anno.

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@dubie3795 Hi there, I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble saving your game! I see you've already tried some of the steps in our basic troubleshooting guide, but I recommend checking out the other steps there. I also see you've created a support ticket, so I recommend updating that with a copy of your system files.

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Thanks for sharing what worked for you @El_Peej.

If it helps anyone out, please leave a comment to let us and others know.

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