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Hello Ubisoft-team,

I started playing Anno 1800 in 2022 again.

I bought the newest seasons pass, dived in and played lots of sessions, around 40-50 hours on my one single player save game.
I had a great time! Seeing my citizens and cities prosper. 😳

After advancing a lot, rebuilding my main-island, building on several islands in Africa, in the Arctic etc.
I booted up the game today and all my save games are set back to 2021. 😓

Before completely panicking, I checked all the Save-slots, the local saves, looked at the cloud saves, then realizing it's just gone. 😲 😵
... Now ... I was completely panicking.

Either my Anno experience in 2022 was all a fever dream, or the game did really save my progress in between.
I double-checked my sanity through asking some friends, checks out I did play Anno 1800 a lot because I would not shut up about it.
So, I just have one big question: What the f**k happened to my save game? 😢

Is that based on an update to the game or the Ubisoft connect?
Because I have not the slightest Idea what else could have happened, the only explanation I have here is that the Cloud did overwrite my save.

After losing so much, I gained other things: a lot of frustration and sadness. 😩
Because I do not even know what happened, it is hard for me to find the motivation to start all over again, because it might happen again anytime. 😨

Well I could save my save games manually after every play session but that, well, defeats the purpose of backups in the cloud in the first place. 😜

That only leaves me with these questions:

  • [censored] happened? (I need closure on this)
  • Is there any possibility to get my save game back? (my local saves are now from 2021 and so are the two cloud-saves I see)
  • Why me? (you do not have to answer that 😂)
  • What will happen to all my citizen in my lost save now? Are they fine? Are they cared for? Is Gasparov still mad at me?
  • Is that some intentional thing to teach me a valuable lesson about not spending too much time with video games because in the end it doesn't really matter?


about 2 months ago - Ubi-LadyBlue - Direct link

Hey @red_clay_skull!

I don't really have words to express how sorry I am you ran into this and aren't able to access your old saves.

I want to start off by saying that I can't make any promises on getting you access back to those, but I'll definitely do my best.

One workaround that's helped some people is to verify their files. The other is to try disabling and then re-enabling Cloud Synchronization in Ubisoft Connect.

I'd also recommend always always making sure you have a backup manual save because technology is a fickle creature.

Now on to the rest of your questions:

If it was just all a fever dream, I do hope we can get you back to it.
An update shouldn't have caused it to be lost and I don't have much in the way of speculation as to what exactly could have happened.
With 40-50 invested hours, I do believe that your citizens are okay and cared for. I'm sure you gave them all the resources they needed to continue to thrive and they'll always have each other no matter what. On your behalf, I telepathically sent a message to Gasparov, but I haven't heard anything back as of yet.
As to your last question, if you enjoyed it, then it mattered, simple as that.

Also, thanks for not making me answer why you. That one would have been difficult.

Please make sure to keep me updated on the situation!

about 2 months ago - Ubi-TheBerry - Direct link

Hey @red_clay_skull ,

Sorry to hear those suggestions didn't do the trick this time!

Glad to see it hasn't gotten you too down though and you're off to building bigger and better!

You know where we are if there's ever anything more you need help with!