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Hey @916b076f,


I'm afraid we're unable to review any account actions on the forums whatsoever. 


Our Terms of Service team has the final say in these matters, so if they've completed multiple reviews and declined to remove the ban, that is not something we're able to provide additional information about or change here either, sorry.


You would need to reach back out to the ToS team or review the initial email for any further clarification about the nature of the ban.

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Hi @916b076f


I'm sorry but we won't know why you were banned from the forums. Can you take a look through your emails? There should be an email from Terms of Service that shares the general rule broken for example: ban applied for cheating/hacking/hate speech/etc. This article shares more about Apex and the rules: "Play by the rules in Apex Legends".


In terms of hearing back on the appeal results, the Terms of Service team carried out an investigation into ban internally and let you know which result applies to your case. i.e: the investigation showed that the ban was correctly placed and will remain in place. If they have denied multiple appeals to overturn the ban then I'm sorry to say that there is nothing that we can do to change this.


- EA_Lanna




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