about 1 year ago - EA_Kent - Direct link

Hey @GoldFrost420

There are some locations where Apex packs can't be sold because of local laws. If your account is set to one of those locations it may block you from buying packs. Like brucloco suggested, if your account is set to the wrong region that might be why this is happening. 

about 2 months ago - EA_David - Direct link

You can view/correct your regional settings on this page: https://myaccount.ea.com/cp-ui/aboutme/index

There have been some notification glitches where duplicate or delayed notifications have appeared for packs that were already opened. If you have a specific example we can check, but I've looked at a lot of these, and in every single case the packs are indeed being delivered correctly. As for tokens, there was an issue earlier in the season where tokens weren't being delivered, but this is fixed now any any missing tokens have been reinstated. We've seen some cases where a change to how the token counter displays/rounds off numbers can lead to confusion, but the actual token amounts are all correct. 

I hope this helps to clear things up.