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Hi @zakazoki


Are you currently running a VPN or anything like that? If so, can you try disabling it to see if that helps? 

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Hi @AnimeGamer456


Sometimes this can happen because of the location settings on your account. Can you double-check your EA Account and your Steam account to make sure they're set to the correct region where you live? 


Let me know if you're still having trouble buying coins after that. Thanks! 

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When you've got the chance I'd recommend getting in touch with the EA Help team so they can take a look at your account. They may be able to see what is preventing the purchase from going through. 


You can find more details on how to set up a case with the team at the EA Help website. You can also speak with them over Twitter or Facebook instead. 

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Hey @Lgs-lazy,


Are you still running into this issue?


Please be sure you have the Steam overlay enabled as this can cause issues making in-game purchases if disabled.


The Steam support page here has more information regarding getting this option enabled if needed.


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